Come and get 'em.


wait what…i call dibs on one…i think…youll do a reg size ava right?

edit: nvm monkeyspank made me one lols


Can i have an av with this?


I’ll get right on it.


I would also like a One Piece avatar if possible, with Luffy.

Maybe an Oro one too if I want a change.

As you can see by my avatar/sig combo, I am lacking the necessary photoshop skills to make my own.




Can someone make an avatar out of this PLEASE I’ve been dying to see one:


Edit: I stopped short of ‘animating.’ But it was for da keeds…for da keeds.


shade, think you can do something with what I got out of curiosity?


Looks like you already got a bunch of requests. Any room for one more? :slight_smile:


0 requests filled before bailing, this has to be a new record =O


Ahhhh thanks, it’s nice… wish I could get the actual House handling her ass part but still sweet.


ill find a way to top it


^ Taking requests?


holy shit this is way better than DG’s request threads


Time to save the thread!

I’ll take 1 request and do it in the morning.



Can I pm you the details Quiche?


^ Shizuma and monkeyspank were here first. :stuck_out_tongue:


For Quiche’s request?

Edit: nevermind >.<


I’m still looking for an Oro one.

I’ll take another Luffy too if you feel like it.