Avater Request of 3rd strike please

I was wondering if anyone has time to make me and avatar… I would like one with

Urien from 3rs strike (blue one if possible),and Yun(red clothes),and ken (white Gi) the colors don’t matter much but i rather have those if someone can find them .with the background of urien.(the maya ruins one) as the background of my avatar… and With an X44 where ever the creator thinks is best place to pu it… thanks



wtf, unless this guy is a avatar whore, he has his chance. who are u to say that anyways?

Hey rockmanx4, there aren’t a lot of 3rd Strike sprites around, so you might have to change your request.

Hey, go spam somewhere else, I deleted another of your posts here because that is all it was. If you are not going to contribute in some way other than spam and flames, please do not post at all. This is a warning.


hey thanks guys… i didn’t know… that 3rd strike sprites where hard to find… thanks again to u both…


I reccomend CHAM CHAM, he did my av and I love it. He does it step by step so you can change things before the final product. I know his good, but I’m not sure if he has 3s sprites. Also, Hadoken King is pretty sick as well. Maybe you should PM one of them

Re: Re: Avater Request of 3rd strike please

dont even get me wrong guys. im his friend. we play every weekend. i was just fuckin around with him. and if you wanna ban me cause im his friend and can talk shit to him do it. but here you go X44. not the best but it has your colors. i couldnt find the urien stage. if you want something else let me know ill try something different.

umm heres another one like the other one. like i said not much, but its what you asked for.