Avator request: c/s The CrOw

can anyone do a tight counterstrike av for me? using this pic, but the only change i have is instead of the yellow background, make a white background kinda like a snow background and desert fox in dark blue like the suits worn by the strikers

up to you if you wanna use

any changes, just ask

wow! nice CRoW, i’ll take the last one for now but i like them all, can you resize them to like the 4th one:D

thanks CRoW, i’ll save these to the hard drive of course:D , hey i got a future request for you to, a sent (black sent) kinda in the style of starbury’s or spyro’s but slight different, those sent av’s are to good:D

might not be able to make it look like the ones they have so you’ll probably have to ask someone who knows more about imageready. personally, i just fuck around with some settings and filters and a basic font.