Avengers... Assemble! Assist/Team thread!



In this thread we’ll discuss who has good synergy with cap and strategies for assist usage among other team building theorycraft!

OTG no longer required, beams and anti-air assists will work well

everyone loves that sentinel assist - i make good use of hawkeye poison tip for both damage and mixup potential (he can interrupt people if you cross them up with a cartwheel and they catch you - giving you a free combo if they try to get you ;P)

post up on this one people there’s lots to discuss in the new game.

Avengers Assemble! MvC3 Captain America Assist/Team Thread

as a side note, all three assists now have their own specific uses. I’ll post about that in the first post…

basically shield slash is the same, charging star does break projectiles like the regular medium one and ALWAYS causes soft knockdown so it’s good for combos but it actually has HORRIBLE vulnerability after it’s over where it can be punished, and stars and stripes has a GREAT crossover counter (invincible on startup ONLY on crossover counter, can x factor to combo after to kill a character) but is actually really bad as an anti-air assist (no invincibility) and also has the benefit of the “zero frame” team hyper combo - it hits on frame zero so if they aren’t already blocking then they are hit.

a little more to it than that, but still.


I am using a team right now of Captain America (a,shield slash) / Iron Fist (y,flying kick assist) / and Chris Redfield (b,gunshot) and I love it!

I still have a ton to work out and discover, but these characters are all super fun to play, have high damage output, and can DHC back and forth pretty well. Chris’s gunshot assist seems to work very well for both Captain and Iron Fist, I like to think of it as dooms beam assist that keeps people grounded. For captain, the assist comes out very fast, so if I am at the right range and do a cartwheel, it can be very difficult to block. It also helps to play a zoning game with shield slash and gunshot assist. It works great for Iron Fist as a tool to wave dash behind, or flying kick behind to close the distance. It also keeps opponents grounded which is extremely important for iron fist. When I finally get in someone’s face with iron fist, I will do a M, H, forward H. If it connects, I continue into rekkas. If it doesn’t, the forward H can be jump cancelled. So I jump, call out Chris gunshot assist, and then can go for a crossup j.H, an empty jump into c.H, or a throw attempt. When I have captain on point, I can just throw out iron fists assist, and if I see that it hits it’s pretty much a free hyper charging star. For example of damage output, captains BnB combo ending with hyper charging star, dhc into iron fists vertical dragon hyper does around 1 million damage. Both of Iron Fist’s hypers can be cancelled into Chris’s sweep hyper with proper juggling now. Chris as anchor isn’t ideal, but he can do a lot of chip damage in XF, and you can definitely do worse. And as I said, all of these characters are just fun to play as well that have very unique combos! If only I could figure out my colors! Damn Iron Fist costumes… What do you think?


i actually think it’s way to hard to use the flying kick assist that iron fist has to confirm into anything especially exciting. it’s possible i s’pose, but using that and burning a meter to get a quick 500k is decent, but you dont build nearly as much meter in this game so it’s just scary to throw it out like that.

that being said, i dont know how it works, i do not play these characters hahaha the gunshot works like a standard projectile assist i think, but the flying kick is tough to utilize in mixups and the like.


I’ve been using Cap (shield slash)/Strange (bolts)/Doom (missiles)

Cap bnb starting with 1 bar and using 1 or 2 assists can do roughly 1 million damage. Thats a lot. Strange bolts are great for cap, makes ALL of his charging stars safe and is really helpful for cartwheel mixup because a) it keeps opponent grounded on hit b) beams come twice, very tricky.

I use missiles with doom because it helps me extend cap combos into more hypers, but I’m THINKING about switchin to plasma beams to help dr strange’s mixup .

Or i could always just put strange in the back and just try to level 3 xfactor win with him. I find that captain can really dispose of a lot of characters with level 1 xfactor though so idk.


So I’m thinking of going with either cap (shield slash)/tasky (l. arrows)/ hawkeye(poison) or cap(shield slash)/doom(beam)/hawkeye(poison)

I figured they’re basically the same team. interchangeable DHC options and strong support for cap with beam/arrows covering cartwheels and violet fizz as a combo extender.

Which do you guys think work better? I like the fact that h. arrows doesn’t cause a knockdown, but a soft nockdown with doom’s beam could be worth using. I could also do something similar using hawkeye’s vertical arrows and Dooms’ missiles. Opinions?


I don’t know if having two assists that do the same thing is really a great idea; you could use Hidden Missiles on your Doom team, for example, and you would cover a different area than you would with the Hawkeye assist.


Would you guys say Cap(shield slash)/Vergil(rapid slash)/Doom(plasma beam) is a pretty good team?

What changes would you make if any? Thanks.


Holy balls! I need to proofread before I hit the reply button. My last team post was confusing even to me and I wrote it. OK here’s a clarification.

Team A: cap (shield slash), task (l. arrows), hawk (poison)
Team B: cap (shield slash), doom (beam), hawk (poison)
Team B v2: cap (charging star), doom (missile), hawk (triple shot)

I’m still trying to build my teams so here’s some ideas behind it. Team A and B both have either arrows or beams to cover cartwheels and poison assist for extending combos. Team Bv2 uses hawks’ triple arrows for a horizontal cover, and then uses missiles for combo extension. All three are more or less the same team. Any opinions as far as which fits best? Also, l. arrows vs doom beam = hit stun vs soft knockdown. pros? cons?

I’m probably going to come up with a few alternate teams. I really want to try a team built around Nova and/or IF.


I am finding some odd use for Spencer’s horizontal wire grapple during Cap combos.
If you do most standard combos into a hard knockdown in the corner then call Spencer and do a low shield slash you will OTG the opponent into Spencer’s grapple, he will re hard knockdown them and then the boomeranging shield will OTG on the way back. If you crouch at this point the enemy character will fly over Cap’s head with some extremely messed up momentum, and if you time it right you can relaunch off this and put the enemy into a midscreen situation where you can jump into up+heavy then shield slash heavy and take it into midscreen loops, but it is kind of strict timing/odd jump control.
It seems like it might be an interesting tool for turning Cap’s corner combos into midscreen options as you essentially swap sides into a relaunch. I’ve only had a a little time to play with this.

Of course Spencer also works midscreen into a relaunch as an assist.

Also some really weird things can happen in the corner if you hard knockdown into Spencer/low shield slash and cartwheel immediately. Because the shield slash comes back and otgs even with you taking your opponent’s spot in the corner it creates some very odd stagger/hitstun properties. Sometimes you see some very glitchy looking things.


the thing with UMVC3 cap is. He doesn’t need a team anymore to back him up, so now I stick him on any team as anchor and utilize his awesome shield slash assist.
Vergil(judgement cut). wesk(gun shot). cap(shield slash).
both vergil and wesk get great utility form SS. both vergil and cap can extend wesk combos.


I play Cap(shield slash)/Nemesis(Launcher Slam)/Wesker(Samurai Edge)
Thinking of maybe replacing Nemmy.
Any suggestions?

or perhaps Nemmy on point, so he could benefit from Shield Slash assist.


I have been using:

Cap: Shield Slash
Thor: Mighty Smash
Hawkeye: Triple Shot

I know, I know, it’s team avengers but it works well for me. Thor’s mighty smash assist is a great cross up assist and it works great for extending his corner combos. I also use a cartwheel/mighty smash when new players are coming in and it seems to catch most people off guard. If cap goes down, I like having Thor in second because he needs help getting in, and that’s where Hawkeye’s triple shot comes in.


Right now i am using

Frank: Cart
Cap: Charging Star
Rocket Raccoon: Spitfire

The spitfire assist is wicked nice and is like the drones assist but is straight horizontal. Great for both Frank’s and Cap’s roll mix-ups.


my team is cap(shield), Nem(ground bounce assist) Frank(cart)
Nem helps cap extend combos after otg with the ground bounce and Nem rocket super can otg after a hyper charging star.
Frank and cap are now the new best friends for ever. TK shield slash call frank assist and if either hits free combo. if you ever get a knock down it is a free 50/50 calling frank and either not doing backflip or doing the flip to cross up.

this team is so much fun.


My Team as of late has been:

Cap: Charging Star
Spencer: Horizontal Wire Grapple Shot
Dr. Strange: Eye Of Agamotto

This Team frustrates the Hell out of people! Cap Has more options with the double Jump addition Mix up potential is through the roof! My options really shine when im in the corner with this team. I can go for a reset using spencer assit. Or i can go for extended damage use Dr. Stranges Eye assit. What i tend to do is after the last hit of a cap aerial combo heading towards the ground i call Strange assit and Otg sheild slash which bounces the enemy team member into the eye giving me options to Light Charging Star 2x Hyper charging star. Or Do heavy charging star and go for a jump grab reser

I forgot to mention that with strange placement of the eye is key and protecting him is just as important. Depending on witch way your opponent tech rolls can set up the option for some nasty mix ups where as in the opponent can roll into the eye assist giving cap a free combo. Or the eye can be blocked and cap can go for a double jump s or down H mix up. :smiley:

Dimglow is right when talking about cap and spence causing some wonky situations!
Keep up the good work gents!!!


My Main team so far.

Cap (Shield Slash)
Ghost Rider (Chains of Rebuttel)
Doom (Plasma beam)

Ghost Rider is there to extend combos. In the corner, I’d do a regular BBCS combo, wave dash back, shield slash while calling Ghost assist, regular bbcs once more, land, wave dash back, Call doom with the shield slash, and charging star~hyper charging star. I can pretty much land a 800k, gain 1 bar combo anywhere on the screen.

This team has A LOT of synergy. and it fits the way I play perfectly. :slight_smile:


Nothing wrong about running this time in rainbow sherbat. They’re all actually viable now.

Steve: SS assist
Clint: P.T assist
Tony: U.B assist

Still in training mode, with Clint and Tony. Currently putting all my energy into Clint, very different and high execution. So I’m trying to get used to his corner combos since they’re the hardest, and I have a feeling Tony will take a good solid month to figure out. But what I like about this team is that I have 2 anchors so whoever accidently dies on an off chance from a happy bday, I still have one more anchor sitting on meter.


I’m going to try out a Chris (Gun Fire)/Haggar (Double Lariat)/Capt. America (Shield Slash) squad. I was wondering how dangerous Capt. America is as an anchor.


my team right now is Rider(/Heartless Spire), Hulk(Gamma Wave), Cap(Shield Slash). Just Honestly i only use cap as a pressure assist for Rider/Hulk until both of them are dead. I’ve found that by himself Cap is very much capable of taking out an entire team w/ x-factor.

Shield Slash Pressure Cartwheel mixups and just playing smart make him more then enough to drop almost any character w/ ease. on top of that his Charging Star goes threw projectiles. and H almost goes the entire screen.

as long as you got some meter and dont get zoned out. you should be fine w/ Cap as anchor. he’s a strong character