Avengers... Assemble! Assist/Team thread!



LOL I’ve been seeing you a lot on the threads lately and just realized we play the same team.

“Doom dp+ATK+ATK, Vergil qcb+ATK+ATK, qcb+H, j.S leads to a full combo”

Damn LOL I didn’t even know that worked!


Well if you got tech, share. I’m still learning.


I started a playlist with the team’s basic ToDs: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOramt_WE9sKm3samHt7rZK_dqjnoiDt3

I’m just you already know the stuff I know… hopefully you can find better alternatives to the stuff I list or learn something.

some bad things:

  • using vergil assist then launching with cap often puts characters really high, which makes TAC into doom (up and side) much more awkward.
  • using the standard DHC combo with vergil doesnt consistently work on all the characters so I use a slightly different version that starts with SH, judgment cut instead of judgment cut, helm breaker.

other things:

  • you can convert off missiles hitting in the air with air H shield throw followed by a air M shield throw then charging star into hyper charging star into Vergil DHC.
  • if you get a happy birthday off raw charging star and you’re too far from the corner, you can DHC into vergil Devil Trigger and then teleport behind them and then burn xfactor or use bar to kill both (in the corner you can just do 2x lunar phase with vergil swords DHC)
  • if you’re short on bar and absolutely want to build 2 bars to be able to kill with cap, you can call missiles then launch during your combo then MMHS then H, qcb.L, qcb.H.
  • You can do a raw tag combo into Doom if you do LMHS sjc down.H, qcf.L.
  • off a air back throw, you can call vergil then otg shield slash, then plink dash to them (wave dash harder since its a bit slower) and relaunch
  • off a ground back throw, you can do the same thing as above or dash back then shield throw which will pick em up and you can relaunch

can’t think of anything else right now, but let me know if you got any better alternatives to this stuff

  • do sj./j.(:u:+:h:), :qcf:+:l: (land), sj./j. :u:+:h:, :qcf:+:m: (land), s.:h::s:, sjc.:m::h::u:+:h::s:, ender…
  • raw CS, XFC, (dash or dash x2), rapidslash assist, :qcf:+:l:, dash x2/3, combo…
  • never thought of that!
  • aware but never use, Cap already hits hard
  • you can do that off all his throws, normal wave dash will work too but is tight. If you can’t make it :qcb:+:h:, :qcb:+:atk:+:atk: to salvage.
  • back dash is best unless in corner

good stuff. I’ll watch that video in a bit.


Those videos are EXACTLY what I needed. My Vergil is my most undeveloped character and I really needed the team synergy. I’ll practice what you have and collaborate with some of my Cap tech and see what we can do to extend this.


dude those videos are bad ass. thank you for the swords extension in corner. the other ones were giving me problems and this one seems much simpler. I need to get used to charging round trip more often with assorted buttons but yeah, perfect starting point for me to start optimizing vergil damage! u two are the bestest. i fucking don’t even like vergil


HvE, do you have any vergil resets/pressure strings using missiles and cap SS? I feel SS in particular is stupid good with vergil teleports, i just haven’t built my flow chart for timing and covering myself when i do it.

Those combos in your vids really improved my vergil’s damage potential. I still struggle with the cap OTG, since the timing is so awkward on trick down to c.H. I still feel I need to learn the nerdjosh vergil/missiles double otg, but i can never get that damn thing to work.


Someone posted about rapid slash + cap CS H confirms. I’ve been in the lab and so far this is the best I got For those cap/vergil players:

:a1: + qcb+:h:, qcf+:h:, j.u+:h:, qcf+:l: (land), s.:h::s:, sjc.:m::m::h: d+:h::s: (land), j.qcf+:l:, dash, qcb+:l:, qcb+:h:, qcb+:atk::atk: - 730 k

You can only get the TK extension if this starts full screen. The best part about this is it’s very easy to time the qcf+:h: confirm versus the dash normals and is more optimal. That’s pretty good damage for a 3/4ths screen safe poke. I haven’t tested the throw variant, but likely will need to remove the 2nd SS and just go straight into launch after the 1st SS.


This was almost exactly what I was doing. You’ve added an extra sj.:m:, so I’ll see if I can get that in. Quick question though, I’ve been doing a neutral j.:h: because they always seem too far away for the j.u+:h:, any tips on getting that to hit?


To be honest playing around with it, I think I alternated between the two based on how well I timed the qcf+:h:. If you feel you’re closer attempt u+:h:, but I think neutral :h: is the more consistent one and the difference in damage is negligible. neutral keeps the body lower for the qcf+:l: and has a further horizontal hit box. Try doing a slight dash before jumping.

The reason I include the extra :m: is not only damage, but how it effects you and your opponent landing. :m::h: u+:h::s: will usually net you the same TK finisher, but in this case it actually just barely pushed both of you too far into the corner and requires you to add a VERY quick back dash just before you do the TK SS pick up. If you won’t get the TK pick up, go with the option that is more consistent for you. :m::m::h: d+:h::s: is slightly more optimized though.


Awesome stuff man. I haven’t bothered to learn the TK SS ender as I usually just go for the double HCS with missiles. I should work on it though as it looks soooooooooooo awesome.


Very worth it, you get half meter with it, so it greatly improves the meter gain to ensure you almost always can do the second HCS. missile extensions to learn:

[]BnB (before relaunch), :a1:, :s:, sjc.:m::h: u+:h::s:, **missiles, s.:h:(or :s: into TK cancel), qcb+:l:, qcb+:h:, qcb+:atk::atk: - do this if you won’t have the meter for 1st HCS or if you would rather DHC with your second meter.
]BnB (w/ relaunch) (land), :a1:, qcf+:l:, qcb+:atk::atk:, **missiles, s.:h:(or :s: into TK cancel), qcb+:l:, qcb+:h:, qcb+:atk::atk: - optimal corner finisher
[*]BnB (w/ relaunch) (land), j.qcf+:l:, dash, :a1:, qcb+:h:, qcb+:atk::atk:, **missiles, qcb+:l:, qcb+:h:, qcb+:atk::atk: - optimal finisher when not in corner

Typically a cap BnB yields barely over 1 meter before hyper, but s.:h:, qcb+:l:, qcb+:h: nets you half a meter, so learning these extensions can greatly increase your ability to do these after most combos. Right now I always do it unless their health is over 1mil, in which case I do the first combo to optimize the extension before meter is used, then DHC to Swords.


The one I put in bold is my normal ender. I actually found out that you can use missiles to get the two HCS’s on my own, then I added the :qcb:+:h: and then I came here and found out I could get the :s: :qcb:+:l: first…

It was strange after playing Cap for so long figuring out so much on my own and then to come here and find out that I was almost fully optimized. Still got a lot of work to do, the guys I play with are way better at fighters than I am so I’m learning through getting my ass beat. Using Sent as my anchor I can OCV with the drones mix-up if I can get that first hit in. I like having Vergil as a fall back though, Cap usually gets pounded before I can do much.

I’ve been meaning to ask, I’ve been using the CS assist for Cap as a gfto me assist, but after seeing that Vergil can convert a helm breaker using SS I’ve switched. Any advice on how to use it to help Doom?


Yes, you can use SS as you dash/tridash in, get above them before the 2nd hit and you create a very ambiguous threat of an over head cross up because doom has j.:m: and j.:s: as the shield is coming back and may pull them. It’s very hard to read which side Doom will appear on. This is GREAT in corners because the SS will pull them out of the corner and allow doom to dash behind them. SS also gives doom slightly extra support on mid screen zoning and getting in, but nothing phenomenal.

CS is a great assist for Cap, but for Doom and Vergil SS is superior.


Good stuff man, never though about the shield pulling them back toward you for cross up potential.


How the hell do you get the missiles to hit so late after lunar phase to get the extra round trip loop? I’m willing to take anyone’s advice on this…wait…this should be in the Vergil boards…


It’s all about timing when you call doom. I tend to hit c.:h:+:a1: together and then do the rest ASAP. you could even do the c.:h: slightly first.


Wow, I somehow missed this… I didn’t know about this confirm off rapid slash + charging star. actually, funny thing is that I found out after seeing 3DPK’s post on reddit in a thread with one of my videos lol (I was wondering why 1 one those videos had a lot more views than the others)


Yeah, thanks for the karma.


thx for the 1000+ views :slight_smile: