Avengers... Assemble! Assist/Team thread!



Has anyone had any luck using a Cap/Spencer based team? I’ve been having a lot of trouble against dormammu/missiles using my main team Cap/Vergil/Doom and was thinking of adding an extra character to my arsenal and try running Cap/Spencer/Vergil


Cap/Spencer was my main for over a year. Dorm/Doom is always an annoying matchup but using Spencer isn’t really going to make life any easier.

The game plan when using the duo against Dorm/Doom is to stay within 2/3 or closer of the screen (if they focus a lot on projectiles) in order to snipe a H Charging Star > Hyper Charging Star > DHC Spencer however the main problem is building that bar so you have 2 stock in order to DHC. You’re gonna have to play very smart with your shield slashes as a good Dorm will utilise his movement and create space if you try to close in. If you get a clean hit, make the most of it and get that TOD (Cap/Spencer has a combo that can hit at least 1.1million using DHC and comboing after maneuvers).


So… I guess I’m the only one with Iron Man on my team?


Nope, Cap / IM is the best shell for him IMO.


IM beam is pretty good with Cap. Biggest issue is the placement. He’s a super ‘meh’ anchor and as secondary Cap gets no safe DHC (which is rather important). I think the top 5 shells with cap are:

Vergil(SS), Sent(charge), RR(log), Doom(missile), IM(beam)


Been in the lab with vergil and cap, and while this is more vergil thing, figured I’d share. So while optimizing my vergil combo for Cap(ss)/Vergil(rs)/doom(missile) foudn he has a meterless (you build 2 bars inside of it) near TOD (shy about 40k for 1 mil). It also doubles as an easily confirmable teleport mixup on block to make it extra sexy.

s.:m::h:, :a1:, f.:h:, (VERY slight pause), RT (release), (slight pause), c.:h:, qcf+:l:, s.:m::h:f.:h:, qcb:+:m:, s.:m::h::s::h;, RT (release), c.:h:+:a2:, qcf+:l:, dpf+:m:, missiles land, RT (release), c.:h:, qcf:+:l:, c.:h:, dpf+:atk::atk:, qcf+:m:, dash(optional), RT (release), c.:h:, qcf+:l:, c.:h:, dpf+:atk::atk:, qcf+:m:, dash(optional), RT (release), c.:h:, qcf+:l:, dpf+:m:, df+:h:.

So for Cap/Vergil players, only the first part is important obviously, but is a much easier and better convert instead of s.:m::h:f.+:h:, dpf+:l:~:h:, sj.:h:d+:h: (land), :a1:, df+:h:~:h:, etc… Play with the delays as it will slightly effect the number of hits in certain parts and how easy the confirms are. In some cases it’s possible to get 1 too many hits and on the “s.:m::h:f.:h:” part you should omit the s.:m: or they’ll flip out. The first 2 s.:m:'s are optional and only needed to gain the meter for the 2nd Sword Loops, if you have ANY meter just omit these if you want.

Fatty version:
s.:m::h:, :a1:, f.:h:, (VERY slight pause), RT (release), (slight pause), c.:h:, qcf+:l:, s.:m::h:f.:h:, qcb:+:m:, s.:h::s::h;, RT (release), c.:h:+:a2:, dpf+:m:, missiles land, RT (release), c.:h:, qcf:+:l:, c.:h:, dpf+:atk::atk:, qcf+:m:, dash(optional), RT (release), c.:h:, qcf+:l:, c.:h:, dpf+:atk::atk:, qcf+:m:, dash(optional), RT (release), c.:h:, qcf+:l:, dpf+:m:, df+:h:.

This sadly doesn’t work on tiny characters like RR…but you have other ways to kill them so, meh.


Check this guy out: http://www.twitch.tv/torontotoptiers/b/399408064 at 8 hrs 43 minute mark
Cap/Iron man/Sentinel

He starts off with a different team, bnut switches over to cap after


Huh. That must’ve been pretty late in the day. Didn’t see that match when I was there. He didn’t get anything started, but pretty much showed basic Cap stuff. That and his Iron Man looked kind of weak from not converting that clean down H.


Hey, if you’re in Toronto, I highly recommend talking to Aerials to exchange tips. He’s definitely one of the strongest players in our scene and knows Cap/Iron man really well.


I was thinking about playing Cap/Vergil/Hawkeye

But I was wondering if you guys think of another alternative (which isn’t doom) to replace (Vergil) and still maintain a TOD of most of the cast (DHC wise)


Spencer and Zero come to mind for DHC options cause they can combo after it.


Typically most multihit DHCs will touch the million mark after a standard cap BnB. Dante, RR, Storm, etc… The others are just better because they gain more meter before or after and have the option to burn more meter if needed.


saw this video today. not bad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-NSXOjkyvQ


Hey guys, not sure if you guys know me, but I was a Cap player since the beginning of Ultimate. I played Cap/Nemesis/Hawkeye for some time, and then I went to Nemesis/Cap/Taskmaster and Cap/Nova/Taskmaster, then I dropped Captain America because I was frustrated with him and decided to play Wesker/Doom/Strider instead, which didn’t go bad at all but I started having a character crisis and I just fell apart as a player. So I think Im gonna come back to the Cap army and start bodying people like I use to, because I put a whole lot of work into him, way more than I did with any character. So, point of this was to ask you guys some questions about some new teams, because Im NOT going back to those teams I played before. Im all about efficiency now.

  1. What is the most optimal Cap team nowadays in terms of neutral game and damage? Im assuming Cap/Vergil/Doom?

  2. How do you feel about Wesker and Cap together? I don’t have the game anymore ATM but I will soon. Do you think that the damage will be respectable with a DHC or no? Thinking about Wesker/Cap/Doom or something like that.

  3. I like Mr. E’s team, but I might instead put Magneto in there instead of Doom and play Cap/Dante/Magneto in some type of order. Do you think this would be just as good or worse?

Looking forward to getting back to Steve!


I always like cap starting on point. This doesn’t mean he isnt a good assist he just needs a variety of assists usually. SS with any teleport is great so wesker/cap is fine. my main issue is wesker doesnt offer cap much. He doesnt need the OTG and unblockables will be rare. Cap also wants a safe DHC, which wesker is not. The DHC will also be weak and only work in some situations. They just dont have much synergy.

Cap/Vergil/Doom is very strong but not the only team. One thing it lacks is a dirty incoming set up. I have some but they’re just not anything close to Zero derpy (and if anyone has some please share). I feel most of them can be learned. Other than that the team is strong. cap/dante is good but hard to convert with jam session, weasel shot will cover all Cs’s but outside of corner offer no conversion. Mags is good for neutral game but it as well is hard to convert with for cap. Some players may have solutions but my experience is its very hard to convert everything into something meaningful. Cap/Task is very good though. Easy conversions, often frame traps very well, good damage, solid DHCs, and H arrow covers all CS’s. Good teams with your characters:

Cap/Doom(beam) or Task/Strider



Pwn…you’re awesome. Really hope I get to watch you on stream at EVO.

I really like our team of Cap/Vergil/Doom but as you said it lacks in a nasty incoming game. About the best I can do is the j.qcfH and dash under as the come in. Unless I have DHC’ed to Vergil then you get some nice stuff with SS assist and teleport mixup. I was thinking that with the awesome DHC power of having Vergil second that it would be okay to drop Doom for say…Sent…I know…he’s wackbot, but, drones give Cap the best incoming. Dash under then cartwheel through? I used to run Doom/Sent and I had maybe one person ever block the drones mixup. Having Sent in there is great for getting out of most incoming set ups as well with hard drive. I just don’t know about having two horizontal assists to back up Cap. I feel like he needs something to help his lack of air mobility.


ehhh EVO for me might be under whelming…i broke my arm this weekend and am unable to use my hitbox with the splint on. I’ll be there hopefully with a chance to compete if my doctor oks it (i’ll know thursday). Thanks though. [edit] - splint is off and i will be competing, but the arm will still be in recovery.

Drones is a completely valid swap for doom and a much stronger incoming. Only reason i dont play him is i dont like him on point. If you can defend sent by threatening with double jump SS or CS on ground, you can get insane pressure. You just need to be careful with some matchups. Remember the swapping to vergil or use your assists to trap them when they tough down are valid ways to stop the air game, you dont always have to have a direct answer. 1 blocked drone can be a free way in when they land if you can protect him. Also both assists are hella dirty with vergil.

Also…abuse insta overheads. both cap and vergil have j.:l: fuzzy guard overheads. Call sent as you do a jump in, let them get trapped by drones while stand blocking then go j.:l: or c.:l:


Sucks to hear about the arm. I can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve given me. I by far have one of the best Cap’s in my area because of these boards, that I don’t think anyone else seems to read. Now if I could just learn to block more and stop pushing random buttons I would be a lot better. Gonna have to wait till the next meet up to try out Sent anchor again, but having the drones assist got me the most wins I’ve ever had with Cap or in the game period. Need to work out some Vergil/Sent mixups and what not, but I don’t think that will be too hard. I’ve played Sent a little so I know some good bnb’s and have an okay neutral game with him.

I’ve tried the insta overheads with Cap a few times and can only seem to get it to work on bigger characters, Sent, Hulk type guys. What’s the best way to convert off of them? Double up on the j.L to get back to the ground for the combo?


The overheads i typically do are:

call assist, jump in with j.d+:h: or shield slash, ** they block assist and are stuck standing, j.:l: (assist begins to hit if they don’t block this), delayed d+:h: (land), s.:l::m:, etc…

This is the most universal conversion but depends on the assist. You need an assist that can hit long enough between the j.:l:, delayed d+:h:. Other possibilities can be doing a j.qcf+:atk: after the j.:l: if the assist takes them airborne. To practice this do it with vergil in corner then see your possibilities with sent. The nice thing is with vergil this act as a frame trap if they block the over head and as you land you can mix up high low:

Vergil assist in corner:
:a1: + jump, j.d+:h: (blocked), **assist blocked, j.:l: (hit), **final hit of assist hits, delayed j.d+:h:(land), s.:l::m:… - hit
:a1: + jump, j.d+:h: (blocked), **assist blocked, j.:l: (blocked), **still blocking assist, delayed j.d+:h: (frame trap)(land), s.:l::m:… - frame trap
:a1: + jump, j.d+:h: (blocked), **assist blocked, j.:l: (blocked), **still blocking assist, delayed j.:l:(land), c.:l:… - high to low
:a1: + jump, j.d+:h: (blocked), **assist blocked, j.:l: (blocked), **still blocking assist, (land), c.:l:… - high fake out to low

This set up is a bit hard to do in a match as people love to chicken block, but it has occasionally gotten me free hits and I imagine with sent it’s much more viable and practical.

And I’m glad this info helps. There’s been a lot of dedicated people in the Cap forums that have helped flesh out a vastly under utilized character (we have a haggar/cap/sent player that drives me insane with how he refuses to level up his Cap since his haggar and sent assist do all the work…which often makes me wonder why the hell he is using cap anyway). If any Caps do well this Evo (or any tournament), I hope these boards help them.


For the best instant overhead, you’d have to do an instant double jump then down H. Double jump stops all vertical movement and down H is his lowest hitting air normal. You won’t need any delayed assist hits to follow up since you’re hitting with THE GOD NORMAL, down H. It’s hard to set up as you gotta be right in their face calling your assist to lock them down.