Avengers... Assemble! Assist/Team thread!



Oh? Forward throw, qcf L + disruptor, st. a works? Wow I’m surprised I haven’t tried that already.


it may even be standing :h: … will check tomrrow lol


That weird, maybe Zero recovered fast or something?

I feel that the Moral of the Story is that it’s impossible to build a team that suits all of Cap’s need. Every team has a weakness; even Mag/Dorm/Doom (you mentioned that Doom is not a good anchor). Sometimes you don’t even need a safe DHC because Unibeam already makes Charging Star safe. I think that being able to combo after charging star or a throw, a Viable roll-cross up while the assist is not at risk of being hit, and assist that helps deal with opponent staying in the air are the most important thing in my opinion.

I don’t think Cap needs a combo after air throw because he won’t be landing a lot of air throws very often because it easy for opponent to tech.

I am more concerned about if my opponent blocks. I’m not sure if is safe or not

~ I’m slightly getting better with Bold Canceling Teleport after OTG with stinger followup, but didn’t fully mastered it. I feel more comfortable using Shuma than Dante, even though I often have a hard time getting in and my offense being too predictable where I get pushblocked at the time. I don’t like Jam Session because sometimes I think it might miss against opponent that likes to stay in the air.


@SmokeMaxX‌ I just tested it, and you can confirm you can confirm with any of Cap’s standing normals off forward throw + disruptor. You can also confirm with air :m:, but may be inconsistent.

Also, from Cartwheel +disruptor, you can net around 750k dmg minus dhc, and build a bar. The combo I use is

(from cartwheel + disruptor): ::st.:: :l: :s: ::air:: :h: :l: shield slash, air :h: down :h: (anti-ground kick) :l: shield slash, ::st.:: :h: :s: air :m: :h: down :h: :s: , :otg: :l: shield slash, :h: charging star, :hyper charging star. With Spell of Vishanti dhc, I netted 944 200 dmg.

You could probably k the otg shield slash ang get two :l: charging stars, but I often find my landing position after being in the air inconsistent.

[quote="2KTep;8877831I am more concerned about if my opponent blocks. I’m not sure if is safe or not[/quote]

I meant on hit lol. And it’s very situational, preferably on an airborne opponent or in the corner. But would definitely not recommend against guarding lol.

BTW 2KTep- you’re the one who came up witha variant of Cap’s TAC infinite right? I went through your videos and realized I may have posted yours on the forum . If you can do that, I’m sure you’ll get comfortable with bold-cancelling in no time ^^

Though Cap can easily confirm off an air throw. It’s his ground throws that he may need an assist for. However, Jint was able to pull off solo Cap combos off his forward throw, which is currently beyond my realm of execution (along with plinking, ugh).


:::another double post:::

I refined the Captain America/Dr Strange Shield slash raw tag into flames of the faltine loops. Build two bars are do 943 000 dmg. Doesn’t beat Cap and Shuma but gives a practical purpose for the Cap/Strange shell.



BTW 2KTep- you’re the one who came up with a variant of Cap’s TAC infinite right? I went through your videos and realized I may have posted yours on the forum . If you can do that, I’m sure you’ll get comfortable with bold-cancelling in no time ^^

Yes, I was the one who discovered the TAC infinite for Cap. I also came up with TAC combo that ends with Air :l: Shield Slash > :l: Charging Star :h: Charging Star for all directions (down, up, and side exchange). When I was playing Vanilla MVC3 at first, I used to treat this game like it was SFIV.

Once I get comfortable with bold-canceling, my next step is to learn Dante to the point where I know exactly what I’m doing in the match. I know the best way to learn a character is to play against other people, but I don’t feel like playing online because I feel that I will play more worse during online, and I might develop bad habits. I play better during offline than online. I would be so happy if anyone teaches me how to use Dante, even though there is a already a Dante Guide uploaded on YouTube ^^

One of the reasons why I decided to kick Strange out of my team is that I often find myself in a situation where Doctor Strange gets hit (against Wolverine, Magneto, or Nova) when I was playing against my brother. Bolts is so awesome for combo extension.

I feel that a practical way to use Bolts is to find a way to make your opponent jump so you can cartwheel or dash under (if you are close enough). I can’t think of any variety of offensive options for Cap while opponent is forced to crouch due to Bolts.

BTW Strange > Cap DHC sucks because Hyper Charging Star won’t connect after Spell of Vishanti. In order for DHC to connect, you need to end a combo with a hard knockdown. You also throw in Eye of Agamoto for extra damage and meter build.


Sentinel drones is one of the best assists for Cap mix ups. Forget that ‘wackbot’ tag; learn to play him like Ray Ray.

And without jam session, Cap is hopeless against, Doom, Trish etc.

My teams are now Cap ss/(Doom pb or Dante jam session or Magneto disruptor or Shuma Gorath mystic ray)/Sentinel drones


Hmmmmmm, would Mystic Ray help Cap fight characters that have flight, and airdash?

If only if people make a better guide for sentinel that includes visuals, and what to practice in training room besides combos. I’m glad I have the Umvc3 Bible, so I can pretty much learn any character that I only want to learn but I’m so lazy to read btw.

I think Drone also help cover Cap when he superjumps, so characters like Magneto can’t dash under. Another benefit of having Sentinel in your team is that you get a combo after a Alpha Counter for 2 bars.


Mystic ray is good at full screen, but starts up too slow (and goes from the bottom up) to be as useful against tri-dashes as jam session is, especially close up.

I picked Sentinel up (again) as I can’t even do basic flight loops with Magneto online. But drones does really well in helping Cap open players up with cartwheels. Drones is best against characters without flight, also without a fast frame command when trying to cartwheel on them, which I found out the hard way.

I like to try and figure characters out through intuition, but also through watching footage. Ray Ray, and Fanatiq are my usual picks. Also, Condor Missile, who plays Cap, Iron Man and Sentinel, and is probably the most technically proficient Cap player who plays somewhat competitively (in Japan, and seemingly online only).


I really like Shuma for Cap, but more for the damage and style (900k damage off a raw tag from shield slash combo, also building a bar which hits kills 1mil health characters).


This is what I’ve been brainstroming

Cap/Dante/Akuma - I learned that Dante is weak to rushdown due to Wolverine having a faster normal than Dante especialy his cr.L

Cap/Arthur/Sentinel - Safe DHC, + Arthur w/ Drones. If you get happy birthdayed, arthur comes in w/ LvL 3 xfactor. No vertical control btw.

Cap/Shuma/Akuma - Tatsu when mystic ray too slow to use upclose. Also two word rhymes: SHUMA KUMA

Cap/Dante/Arthur - Rikir’s team but w/ Cap instead of Tron. If Dante combos won’t kill you can DHC to help arthur start his keepaway game. Arthur also gets the Jam session.If you get happy birthdayed w/ Xfactor, Arthur comes in w/ a LvL 3 Xfactor.

Cap/Chun Li/Dante - Can DHC to Chun Li’s invincible hyper to counter any attempts to punish blocked Hyper Charging Star. Kikoken assist instead of lighting legs assist. When Cap dies, Chun can escape incoming due to wall jump and triple jumps.

The Cap/Dante/Sentinel sounds awesome. Just finished learning Dante, now I just need to learn how to use him. I can bold cancel into any move now. I am going to learn Sentinel next so I can use that team.

This comes from my past Experience

Cap/Ammy/X - Amazing THC Okami Shuffle + Hyper Charging Star which make help fight against flight characters, get a combo if they get hit while grounded, full screen inescapable 50/50 or severely damage/ kill an assist. Awesome DHC partner, Ammy can convert a full combo after DHC from Hyper Charging Star and raw tag to Strange for FoF loops, Doom for relaunch combos, or raw tag back to Cap.2 main Weakness is cold star scales damage, and doesn’t help make Cap safe but it give Cap a fuzzy guard setup even when the opponent crouches (Doom for example). By having Ammy 2nd, Cap benefits a lot more from THC, and Veil of Mist her assist. I been using this combination since Day 1, I have many success with this team in the past. So I don’t plan on dropping Ammy because she suits my playstyle very well.

Cap/Chris/X - Similar to Okami Shuffle THC but lacks safe DHC, and has OTG property.


Follow up to the Cap-Shuma hard tag (better full screen version + corner carry)

I completely agree that if you have the execution, Jam Session is the way to go for anti-air assists. As for the Shuma as an anti air, it’s really only as good as the opponent you’re up against. Against aggressive zoners like Dorm, Morrigan, Chris, etc. Mystic Ray isn’t going to do anything. Against aggressive rush down, it also becomes a problem if you can’t space out properly with shield slashes.


With Rocket Raccoon backing up Cap w/ Log Trap. Characters such as Doctor Doom, and Wolverine are unable to attack directly above.

The invincibility from Stars and Stripes beats foot dive, and Log trap connects allowing a combo afterwards if timed correctly.


… I almost dropped Cap after U.S.A’s match in the world cup


I’m so tempted to use drones…but I don’t trust sent. I’m still worried I’ll be a victim of sniping my assist while zoning cap out and sent as a character… :confused:

IF I were to pick him though…Cap/Sent/Dante(jam). Sent is amazing for getting out of incomings, dante is a better anchor, and Sent/jam has some dirty set ups. Both Sent and Dante give cap AMAZING THC and DHC synergy…arguably Sent being better since he can always connect and dante can often miss with million dollars if the opponent is too low midscreen.

My best suggestion for cap though…play the counter pick game. Getting a perfect team is really hard with him. Wait patiently on that character select till they lock and pick the best counters you can. I’m currently mixing: vergil, doom, dante, cap, task, strider, morrigan into various team.

I would suggest learning anti-zoners like Dorm and Strange. Those two are amazing at shutting down a lot of the cast (MORRIGAN!), even though they themselves have bad matchups. Haggar assist as well can shut down teams that need to move forward. I wouldn’t run them without the other team being revealed, but they are valuable pocket counters.


I know one assist that will help him fight Zero. It’s Hsien Ko’s :l: gong assist, its projectile that it doesn’t travel further like most other projectiles, and it reflects projectiles. So if Zero gets hit by his own LvL3 buster, then its a free combo for Cap.


Zero is an unwinnable match up. To put it in other words- Zero beats Captain America 10-0, in Zero’s favour.

Cap’s only saving grace against Zero is that most Zero users are poor with Zero. However, if you do manage to face a competent Zero user, you will get blown out the water by him. The only thing you can do is use your other characters, with the underlying assumption being that you have a well constructed team and therefore have other characters who can do better in the match-up.


What makes Zero an unwinnnable matchup for Cap? What moves or attacks do Cap players usually get hit by a Zero user? Does Zero have any unsafe moves that Cap can punish? What does Zero do to earn his Frame Advantage on neutral. I always think that every thing Zero does is safe due to LvL3 Buster cancel. Against Zeros I like to use Shield Slash if I see them using Air Dash or Air command Dash since you can’t block while dashing.


I know that Low Health is his only weakness, but he has many strengths. So if Cap dies, it would be better if 2nd character has the ability to escape on the incoming. Also the #1 rule is that you can only perform 3 special moves in the air but that doesn’t apply to aerial normal attacks, and Zero can only use his air command dash and air dash only once.

I am wondering if Rocket Raccoon, Dante or Strange are strong zoners since he mentioned that he loses to strong zoners. If Cap has an assist that limits Zero’s mobility options on both ground/air and his ability to attack. Would fighting Zero still be a bad matchup for Cap??

Since I live in SoCal, I know that the stronger Zero users in SoCal are Cloud805, Richard Nyguen, and Killer Kai. So before I start competing, I need to work on fundamentals first because I don’t have any good fundamentals like ChrisG. I read that one person in Cap forums mentioned that Cap rewards you for having good fundamentals.

My main reason for playing Cap is that I believe that he can fight Zoners better, and with right assists (Jam Session or Log Trap) he has reset potential in the corner that is difficult to escape. If I find that my combo is not going to kill I would snap instead of intentionally ending a combo for a reset unless I have both Jam Session and Log Trap. If I don’t snap then most of the time, they can easily escape my resets when the my one reset assist are unavailable so I have to guess which opponent air recovers but I can eliminate the guesswork by snapping instead.


Zero’s game design vs Captain America’s game design is the problem, for Cap. For example, Zero has better buttons (normals) than Cap. Zero’s crouching light even matches Captain America’s crouching light at 4 frames.

Zero has more moves, air dashes, teleports, and greater priority than Captain America does. Captain America is an average mid-range character at best; Zero can out do Captain America anywhere on the screen. Zero can fight in the air with his lightenings, air teleports, air dashes, and busters; Cap just has his air shield slashes.

Zero can do so many advantageous things against Cap that you’re either really lucky or the Zero user is really bad if you beat Zero with Cap. And that’s Zero by himself; Zero with assists shouldn’t even be sweating Cap’s assists.

Assists that may be able to help Cap against Zero are mystic ray, hidden missiles… golden armour Hsien-Ko senpu-buu (her chain assist). But Zero alone can counter this up close with his normal, from distance with his raikousens, or just with his level 3 buster. and when you consider all the assists that can counter your assists (plasma beam, tatsu etc), as Cap you’re really just banking on the Zero user either being rubbish or making poor decisions to have a chance.


Are there characters that could fight Zero better? I might have pocket Dante or Iron Man due to team synergy with Cap/Dante or Cap/Iron Man.


I really wished that his st :h: was his standing fierce instead of his standing roundhouse in from previous or past Marvel games.