Avengers, Assemble!

i’ve got an av request. don’t know who to ask.

What I want is a sprite av featuring captain america and Iron Man’s sprites in thier victory poses. And thor from MvC holding his hammer in the air. 9pretty sure he did that on the assist)

Obviously, I want the captain america sprite with him holding his shield in the air and the IM sprite with him holding his glowing fist in the air. Cap in the middle.

Animated would be great. (The gleam on the shield and and repulsar pulse)

Anybody? I’d really appreciate it.

I’m not planning on doing this cuz I hate animating, but you’ll have better chance of getting someone to take it if you post up the animated sprites you want.

Good Luck :tup:

I’ll try

I’ll have a shot, though if anyone else fancies this too, have a go too.
Might need a hand finding the Iron Man sprite.

So let me get this straight, you want it like this:

Thor | Cap Am. | IM

I suck at deciding

K, so here’s my first attempt… let me know what you think or if you want something changing.


ver. 2





(That’s pretty much the only Thor sprite I found btw… so if you want a better one, link it)

Those are fucking hot! :wow:

Iron man’s right arm looks like he’s beating it though :rofl:


It does look kinda dodgy :S (plus it’s a little distracting that he’s moving more than the other two…)

Maybe with Iron Man in this pose it’s less teh sexeh?




All of them are amazing though I think to fit the theme, the first ones with All 3 hands up are :tup::tup:. I love the flag in the back too.

And now I’ll shut up and stop taking over this thread :wasted:

Those are cool man, I dig what you did with the background, I like the first set of iron man, but I agree with valaris.

You could maybe try keeping Ironman with his arm up but keeping him stationary and then doing the glow, but I dunno how difficult it would be without seeing the animation you used.

Good stuff man, I like it

thanks for the feedback/help!

It was actually impossible to use the stock Iron Man animation as he moves in every frame, so I tried a little custom shine effect… at least he doesn’t move like this and IMO it looks decent.


Now all I need is Tigerboi to say that’s not what he was looking for :lol:

good job

exrtremly pimp. I’ll have to ask you to make somemore in the future.

wow, beautiful work, dub. :tup:

yeah, props on the finished work.

That shits dope :tup:

Great work, .dub.:tup:

Thanks for the comments guys!