Avengers: Battle for earth



my favorite line in this article “Avengers: Battle for Earth is the ultimate superhero brawler. It features 20 different characters”

ultimate superhero brawler
20 different characters

Whoever wrote this clearly never played any of the VS games.
That aside it does seem interesting. If it actually works without being a glitchy Kinect worthy POS it could be good but I seriously have my doubts on how well it will play.


Kinect eww.


The word “ultimate” =/= lots of characters.

A good fighter doesn’t necessarily even need lots of characters. Skullgirls has 8.


Kinect =/= a good anything.


This is true. more doesn’t always mean better. MK Armageddon is proof of this. But still, to have the balls to call this the “ultimate” super hero fighting game is a bit of a stretch to say the least.


so is this gonna be a game based off of Secret Invasion? Doesn’t really seem like a traditional fighter, looks more along the lines of those naruto/DBZ games.


Yea it looks wack to me from what I’ve seen lol.


Remember when Avengers had a GOOD game being made out of it?



It’s not even a fighting game… It’s a JRPG like battle with ATB system.


Holy shit, was that the game the got canceled before The Avengers movie came out? I’m not really a fan of first person games but that looks great.


Yeah it was.

I personally thought that it was the most ingenious superhero game idea I had ever seen.

Like, fuck, the new Batman games were fucking godlike and all, but this experience would’ve completely blown them out of the water.

I mean it seemed like both teams were making a game because they wanted to make a good game, not just because they were handed a license guaranteed to sell millions of copies.

I hate how development costs just keep rising because we keep trying to make better technology without giving any thought whatsoever to the economy. Instead of trying to make a game they want to make, developers just want to make a game that their publisher thinks will sell well.

The fact that there are people out there who don’t find it wrong that 1,000,000 goddamn copies is a failiure just completely goes against any sort of common sense.

You know what fuck, I could go on this tangent forever, but whatever. [/soapbox]


if you want a fighting game with kinect, try this one


i tried the demo of that. its kinda slow, but serviceable for a kinect fighting game.
the same team appears to be making the avengers kinect game though…


One of my game design teachers was the sound designer for that game!
Y’know, before it got trashed with the THQ branch down here… :frowning:


First person Hulk and Cap? No thank you


It’s got Hawkeye, in his classic costume no less. If I ever get a Kinect, I might give it a shot. It’ll probably be in the discount bin by then.


so apparently someone at kotaku got to try the game … and it indeed looks like a fighter… there was tagging too… it plays similar to the Ubisoft’s previous kinect fighter Power UP heroes.


Hopefully it’s not as terrible as that Marvel vs EA game they tried to put out a while back.