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So some new info has just been put online on who’ll also be in the movie, be forwarned that it contains spoilers. For anyone that wants to discuss it, please use spoiler tags (they work now).
Avengers cast

EDIT: Oh and a few thanks are in order to Sovi3t for providing the info:wasted:

-THOR- The movie (2011) Thread

There’s no source as to where they got their info from…
I hope they got a wrong tip.


Well there’s also this-


Dang on! I’m going to the Marvel boards now.


If you know who is indeed in it, I will be upset… He deserves his own movie, rather than just chill with a bunch of goons who aren’t in the same league as him

Don’t fuck up the Infinity Gauntlet

I’m hoping for a cliffhanger ending, or that he finds out about the IG in this movie. He has conquered the universe three times…don’t fuck that up, Hollywood


thats not a surprise…thor movie pretty much told us this was gonna happen.


Avengers villains


If anything, Thanos will be there to set up for an Avengers movie sequel, just a hunch.

At any rate, I hope Whedon’s script doesn’t get editted too much.


I’d rather the first Avenger’s movie really just be Avengers verse Hulk, and it oculd be ‘controlled byt Loki’ to tie Thor in…but I really really don’t want them trying some ‘throw everyone in’ tactic. Hulk with Loki and maybe just* maybe* someone like ‘Ultron’…thats IT.

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lol Hulk + Ultron
Way too OP for a first movie.


compared to what they are talking about now? They need Hulk as the original reason they ban togehtrer, then someone who pops up so that Hulk can get a clean slate and be a ‘good guy’. Ultron is MUCH easier to write in as a one and done villain than say the current mentioned foe.

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They should go the lotr route an do a movie for each gem.

Then do a marvel vs Thanos thing.


id like them to do the Thanos Quest as an animated feature after Avengers 1, with Thanos reveal at the end of Avengers 1, then you’d do the sequel, properly


Movie only needs 1 villain. 2 Tops. 3 and you’re pushing it. So only Loki and Red Skull please.


common knowledge

[details=Spoiler]Red Skull, yet again, is just a rumour…he kinda makes sense though. Loki uses Cube to summon Skrulls, this was issued as a press release if I recall.

Skrulls I was originally hateful towards, but they give you the awesome ability to mimic tons of Marvel characters, and provide cannon fodder for the Avengers[/details]


I hope to see K’lrt in this mess, just got around to messing with him in MvC3, so much CGI crazy for super Skrull


Since they have introduced the Cosmic Cube and various other extraterrestrial artifacts, the Avengers just might have a chance against T and L. Btw, in the comic story arc, Morgan le Fay and Doom were also villians.



In return for dat Doom Dick, Morgan taught him Black Magic. Doom went on to become quite the threat to the FF and the Avengers.
However, the story arc was amid the “Dark Reign” of Norman Osborn. I don’t know if include all those characters, choosing instead to showcase the classic Avengers team.


I think Avengers should be a lead up to Thanos rather than shove him in the first installment. He’s a big time villain who deserves the build up. Perhaps drop hints at his presence throughout the flick until a reveal at the end or something.




thats pretty badass


have they mentioned whether wasp and ant-man might be in it?