Avenging Spiderman- The UMvC3 Matchup Thread



Was noticing we still don’t have a match up thread but I know we need one :lol: I’ll come back to edit this post later similar to how Airborne is doing in the Team Building thread. But for now I wanted to say that Maximum Spider can counter Hawkeye’s Quick Shot super on reaction due to the invincibility of Maximum Spider going to the wall. This makes the arrow aim where you were and leaves Hawkeye open since he likes to pose after his shots :lol:


only Spider-man has the Spider-sense and reflexes to dodge that arrow haha. Avenging Spider-man could have been the title for the team building thread because I think that comic is about team ups with Spidey, but i could be wrong.
What is the best way to take out a deadpool using his guns and teleporting around? I have a very hard time getting in on a good zoning Deadpool and comboing after the first hit.


Yeah it is. So far he’s only done Red Hulk though. >:C It’s only doing team ups with Avengers though. Hence the name.

On Deadpool I usually just hop around and use web balls and zips. Try to get him predictable with the guns. Web throws if I think I can catch him. Since I use Strange (EoA) I can call the eye and web throw. It’ll eat up the shots and assure me a throw as long as he doesn’t have meter. Try messing around with your assists?


Thanks. I’ve started using Hawkeye on my team so maybe I can try calling his greyhound assist and web ball at the same time because his arrows have pretty high durability. After I hit him with an air web ball xx webzip and j. h, he is off the ground and he starts getting juggled. This throws me of because my normal combos don’t work when he gets juggled like that. If I manage to hit him with that, would s. M s. H xx M web throw work once I land?


Yeah I know it’s a team up series BUT I couldn’t think of anything else match related other than the line used when Gwen Stacy died, plus I refuse to use any line from the movie series


Not sure. You should keep in mind that Greyhound has 9 points(3 per arrow) and Trigger Happy has 8 all together so 1 arrow is getting through. So if you let Web Ball hit before the arrows only the arrows will hit, if it’s in between he’ll probably get webbed and hit by the arrows making follow ups hard Try to get the ball to travel right after the arrows and dash in after it. He’ll either be dedicated to the guns and thus getting web balled or he can ninja gift which you should be able to avoid on reaction assuming the arrows don’t kill it on your way up.

Not sure if the M Web throw thing would work. Can’t imagine why it wouldn’t.

Awww but the first movie had BOOOOONESAAAAWWWW!


Look I like snapping into a slim jim as much as the next person, rest his soul, but BOOOOOOONESAAAAAAWWWW ain’t in this game :rofl:


He should have been. Also Anti-Venom, Aunt May and Green Goblin.


Hell if Phoenix Wright could be made playable why not an old lady who’s probably been brought back to life more times that Phoenix with her wave of mashers :rofl:


Awwww, I wanted to make the Match-Up thread. =( Didn’t give me enough time to get to a satisfying spot with the Team-Building thread. Anyways, I’d like to discuss the format of this thread with you because I had a lot of ideas with how to describe each MU.

Also, I’m guessing this is possible, but I haven’t tested it yet: is it possible to cancel everything cancel-able into Web Zip into :u: Web Zip? Because I think we could still be able to advance from full screen if we toss a :l: Web Ball, cancel into :u: Web Zip, air dash/Web Swing forward, then toss a Web Ball or something… Haven’t thought of all the possibilities quite yet because I just thought of the idea of using this tactic to advance instead of instant overheads with mid-screen block strings, but you get the point.




yes that’s possible its one of my strategies and you should post that in the general strategy thread for advancing :razzy:

As for the format you can PM how you want it set up. I only made it cuz there was a matchup topic made into a thread plus I was PM’ing one of the mods to sticky all the UMvC3 stuff


Love you, and holy shit, that’s faster than I thought it’d be. @___@ OOOOOOOOOOO, I just thought of something. I’ll post it in the strategy thread.

Will do, sir!
I’ll PM you tomorrow so I have my thoughts straight and we can discuss the best way to present all of the information. We haven’t had our long-ass PM threads in almost a month, have we? XDD


Is it just me or has Captain America become Spidey’s hardest matchup? When he jumps back and does air shield slashes while covering himself with an assist, I can’t figure out how to consistently get in. Even Ghost Rider’s keepaway doesn’t seem as tough to me.

I cover myself with a beam assist, try coming in from high angles, I’ve tried catching him with Web Throws… but the shield on the way back in combination with his quick recovery always throws Spidey off. I’m starting to resort to switching Spider-man off point when I see Cap on point.


It’s always been a hard matchup. Cap’s defense is hella high, I love it and I don’t play him yet :lol:, but the strength of his defense is he’s a fort. You can’t rush in on him and you can’t block all day. If you know he’s going to Sheild slash you from the air to the ground you can bait it and punish with maximum spider. Also you can wave dash under the shield then neutral jump and then do what you want from there. Be careful because by this time he has time to do stars and stripes or charging star/hyper charging star. Personally I give him a taste of his own medicine. He can’t out zone Spidey since Spidey can hit from angles Cap can’t get to. This makes him rush in to you letting down his defense some. web balls canceled into back zip on the ground or in the air down back and up back zip canceled web balls get to where he’s at and pin him down longer. When he tries to make the horizontal advance prepare to counter charging star. If he goes high prepare to get under him and hit him with some crossup shenanigans. Once you get a feel of what he’s doing and how he plays the matchup becomes easier


Yeah. That match up annoyed me even in Vanilla. Didn’t get to play enough Caps to really get the feel of the matchup.


YO no lie i was getting mad frustrated facing a good cap.
but it makes me feel good that cap was being so good now since he was on the same boat as spidey since vanilla.
he was such a good character before they nerfed him on the sheild slash infinite and some other stuff.
but now cap is GREAT!! he is actually a good pair with spiderman as well.

but one thing that cap can controll is airspace and he can combo off those slashes and make it hurt!
so really try and be cautious when coming in!

IMO since the air dash nerf ive been really careful of my approaches…esp against this guy.
dude hits like a freight train!


last night i had the toughest time against a zero/dante/nova player. he started zero on point every time against my spidey and it just seemed impossible to catch the guy while he flew around the screen with super jumps and teleports and raikousen (i think that’s what it’s called, the lightning attack). not to mention he always kept a charged buster which stopped me as soon as i got even a little bit close. and if i waited for him to come to me i had to deal with his ridiculous teleport/high-low mixups using his two assists.

i just had to do everything i could to get in or else try to block his mixups, which i couldn’t do forever. what sucked most was that zero’s movement kept him out of the way of any web walls and there was no way i was gonna catch him in the air with a web throw. and without a good get off me assist i wasn’t able to keep him from getting in.

anyone have tips on the zero matchup?


zero (and spencer) are the toughest matchups. they are very hard to beat. the best assists against them are vajra, mystic ray, hidden missiles, and sometimes jam session. if you’re not willing to run them, then you’re going to struggle ;[ I even struggle while using hidden missiles against zero.

Overall, you could also run a game plan focusing on denying his assists or his buster charge on your assists based on what assists you have. I run hawkeye triple arrow which can clear out my opponent’s assists. basically you can maneuver the ground while he maneuvers the super jump height and just do your best to hit his assists a few times whenever he calls them. this is not a developed strat though.

it’s just a pain though. spiderman’s angles of attack don’t cover zero’s angles of approach.


:frowning: damn. i use hawkeye but i have him set to poison assist. maybe i’ll just use hawkeye first instead of spidey if i’m playing a zero team. hawkeye at least has a few options against zero