Aver Media Game Capture C281 Monitor Set Up?

Hi there :slight_smile:

Today i got my purchased Aver Media HDC281 from Amazon UK and i am very excited to start making some videos.

I wanted to use it on a LED Monitor which only has HDMI and DVI inputs. I currently dont have any HD normal TV and i dont intend to by one cause of the LAG/price issues.

Anyway, my question is: Can i use just straight component to HDMI cabel to connect it to the monitor or do i need a separate HDMI to component Converter??

If i need a converter can somebody with this type of set up explain just which converter do i have to buy? From what i gather on the i-net there seems to be a problem with some of these converters when they have to work with Aver Media.

My understanding and hope was that the Aver Media device does the transition from component signal to HDMI by itself and i can just use it straight away without having to by + 1 device.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day