Average connection speeds


Hey guys,

I currently use Verizon Fios as my ISP and have 75/75 MBPS package with a hard wired connection from my Xbox to modem. I don’t share my connection with a ton of devices. However, 70-80% of my matches play at yellow to orange connection. I rarely experience lag on any other games. What is everyone else connecting at? I’ve heard complaints about lag here and there, but is it just me? SF is becoming unplayable…at least on my end.


Wired connection, 90 down 12 up
I try and stay with green only. On x box it’s pretty good if I do that. I don’t host matches as the “green bars” that join could be yellow bars because xbl does this thing where when you join a yellow bar they show up as “green bars” but if you wait a minute they turn yellow. But it does seem like ultras connection over all isn’t as good as ae was.

Lag spikes are when your or your opponents connection is inconstant. Usually the case for wifi users. General lag through out the whole fight is distance based. I’m east coast, I’ve played west coast players who had wired connections with great speed as yellow bars and there were no spikes and just a consistent few frames of input lag that you can adjust to mid match. But it’s not worth the risk to play yellow bars non endless mode simply because that’s a rare case.


Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, bars do go from green to yellow a lot but I figured that’s because of pinging. I’m also East Coast and if I play anyone in CA, it’s pretty slow. 90 down hmm. That’s really fast.


bandwidth really doesn’t matter much for fighting games

ping does


3 down, 0.7 up. Wired. I only play people here in the UK and get pretty good connections, just as good as when I used to have much better net.


Download & upload speeds have nothing to do with lag in games. It’s PING that matters. In games, you’re sending and recieving packets of under 1-3kb, so a high download or upload speed means nothing. It’s more (well, almost only…) about how fast you can send and recieve these tiny, tiny packets = ping, and how stable your ping stays.
Go to http://www.speedtest.net and post results




Hey, so what’s a good ping for playing SF? I’m not super tech savvy, so forgive my ignorance. So, a better connection speed won’t help with that?


Of course, the lower ping, the better.
For every 16ms, you get 1 frame of extra input lag.
Remember that the ookla speedtest connects to the closest server it finds, and connecting to an oppponent futher away adds much more ping.
Having fiber-optic connection and not using Wi-fi will make your ping much lower. I can play against a friend 300km away with a very stable ping of under 16ms, and the “online-play sucks!!” times are totally over in my opinion.


That makes sense.


That’s a pretty simplified version of it. You’re on a fiber optic connection right now, no wi-fi, and it’s clearly not awesome. Your connection is definitely fast enough. Part of the blame lies with Capcom but there are a lot of things that could be going wrong on your end. I guess the usual suspects are: check if your ports are forwarded, make sure people on both ends aren’t trying to run torrents/favoritestreamingwebsite, see if other 360 games lag.

I saw a lot of yellow as a midwest player but the game was still … playable online.


Yeah, that was my overall thought. I was wondering if it’s more Capcom than me. To that end, I don’t experience lag on other 360 or Xbox One games. As far as port forwarding, I’ll have to investigate. I may have to also contact my ISP because it seems unusual because I have previously had intermittent bad connections (distance issues) but on average, decent connections. I definitely appreciate all the advice and suggestions.


Fighting games are less forgiving of high pings than a lot of other games


And speedtest give only a rough idea really far away from reality. You should use a tool that does UDP pings, ICMP packets aren’t routed the same way. And ping with your opponent. Not a server or whatever. Try to do a traceroute to see if there isn’t a point where you have a gap in ping so that you identify a possible problem on the route. Oh and that would check that you’re not transiting to a server/steam as in the post on reddit where someone explained what was going on.

A jitter test can help pinpoint issues too. Maybe you got good connection but a unreliable one.


16 Down, 1 Up, wired, California.
Get great connections on XBL, especially at night cause the central and eastern people are sleeping by then.