Average Cost of Custom Stick Build


I’m currently in the process of getting parts together to make my own custom. So far, it’s been fairly expensive, but roughly the cost of an msrp Mad Catz TE, which I wanted but couldn’t get.

Basically, this has turned into kind of a hobby for me (re:obsession) and after modding an EX2 (a long and arduous process I don’t recommend) and then modding an SE (which took all of fifteen minutes), I just had to go the extra step and make my own.

So, I was wondering, how much money have you sunk into making your own joystick? Would it have been better to just mod an SE or were there other factors that affected your choice?


It really all depends.

If you use happs parts with MDF, you will get by for pretty damn cheap. Probably like $60 if you’re good.

If you’re using hardwoods, aluminums and more expensive parts like Sanwa’s(joystick mainly… buttons aren’t that much higher than happs) you can easily exceed $100.

The little things add up a lot. Things like rubber feet, screws, wire, quick disconnects, glue, etc. Not to mention specific tools you may need if you don’t have them already.

It really just depends on what you’re wanting to build.


If you have absolutely nothing as far as tools, you will at least spend $200 Making a stick, and if you invest in decent tools that could go into the $500 range.


dude… you cant build a custom for $60. not even a happ stick.

more like.
40$ for a case(painted MDF or poplar)
25$ for pcb(360 pcb)
25$ for JLF or Ls-32
3$ per button(sanwa or seimitsu)
2.50$ per button(start back guide button)


I was kind of in the same position as you and wanted to get a good joystick but wasn’t able to due to the demand. I had decided to make my own. Using Toodle’s Cthulhu, making one didn’t seem too bad, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to swing the case. After missing out on getting an NAS from the last batch that sold out in 10 seconds, I lucked out and managed to get a fully aluminum arcade stick case from a guy who was selling his stuff on the trading outlet as well as a JLF and some buttons. I spent a good $150 then for everything. In addition, I’ve put money down on different colored buttons, an inPin converter, one of ShinJN’s AXISdapter’s, and all the little things like wire and terminal blocks. Luckily, I have a Sixaxis controller to sacrifice, but that set me back $30 a few months ago also. I am guessing by this point for that stick alone, I’ve put down about $220.

Then I managed to get my hands on a 360 TE, and have put down more cash as I try and mod it with a UPCB. Since Toodle’s was out, I had to buy a board from another guy and all the parts to the kit separately. I am thinking that, aside from the $173 I spent on the stick, that I’ve sunk another $80 in the parts to mod it. I swear, my wife would kill me if she paid more attention to our bank statements and knew just how much I was spending lol.


i want to see the 09 crowd build a sanwa joystick … even a happ stick… for $60





its funny cuz they talk like they know whats up…


I would tend to agree that a custom can’t be done for $60 or less… Not unless you’re using pre-existing parts that you already have and you have the tools or access to tools to use for free.

The cheapest sticks you could have gotten in stores until recently (new-build; not used) would have been Hori Fighting Sticks. I saw the regular FS3 for $40 not more than 7-9 months ago and also the Soul Calibur IV stick which retailed for $50 — basically an FS3 with a fancy sticker. Of course, one fighting game later and everything fighting stick has gone up at least $20 – IF you’re lucky to find them in stores, period!

The PCB is the most important part to get – all the other stuff is rubbish without a working PCB, and, depending on how old or new the source for the PCB is, it’ll run from $10 used to $55 for brand-new PS3 pads. (At least half that additional PS3 cost – the $30 more that you have to pay on top of the cost of the old PS2 Dual Shock 2 --, btw, is the rechargeable battery regardless of whether you’re talking Six-Axis or Dual Shock 3.) Granted, there are always cheaper Third-Party pads that people are less afraid to take apart for parts than First-Party controllers…


shoebox stick pretty cheap you can use hori buttons or even madcatz that u don’t use from you stick all under 50 bucks most expensive part is pcb lol


For a PS3 as cheap as possible before shipping prices…

One of my cases unfinished: $60
Toodles board A: $20
Sanwa Parts: $60
Wire: $5

So thats $145 right there. Basically its right around $175-$220 for your own custom stick.


Have you tried building a happ stick? Cases can also be done diy

$10 iL stick
$16 8 Happ buttons
$5 MDF
$3 Plexi
$4 Glue
$2 Screws
$20-25 PCB(more like $5-10 if you use a PS1 pad)

I made a thread a while back about how i made my custom stick(out of wood) on a budget of <$60

This is my current dual PCB total cost was $85(including supplies and the PS/360 PCB)


Whaa… $5 MDF for the whole stick? $3 for plexi? Post up some pics I wanna see this.


Home depot doesnt list the prices on their website, but at my local one a 2X4-3/4 was roughly $5 and change and a 9x12 sheet of plexi was $3 plus a dime


Dude, Home Depot was expensive last time I checked. A 9x12 was way higher than $3. I think it was 7 something.


new madcatz arcade retro stick = $10
happ competition stick = $8
9 happ competition buttons = $15
scrap wood, old container, or shoebox = free
old ethernet cable for wiring = free
solder ~ $3
old tools or borrow from a friend = free


MDF isnt that cheap for enough to build a stick. try 10$ also plexi isnt that cheap try 10$. also factor in your paints and primers. thats another 20$


If you build the case from scratch and you dont have the power tools, I think its more expensive…
I bought a dremel for 70 bucks and im modding a 30$ joystick…35$joystick,alot of stuff…I ended up spending about 170+


paint, primer, sandpaper scews? wires?


for wiring you can use ethernet cables like i already listed.
screws and sandpaper are cheap.
primer and paint is not mandatory.