Avermedia GameCapture HD

I just ordered one of these off of Amazon. The reviews I have read have all been really positive and this seems like a great way to save your matches to put on YouTube. The only negative is it’s component only. My question is if I were to hook it up to an ASUS monitor via VGA or HDMI if at all possible what would I need? My other question is would there be any sort of lag if I were to use a VGA to component cable? I would like to take this to tournaments and record the finals. I use ASUS setups at my tournaments so any help would be greatly appreciated.

All the same steps outlined in this thread apply to the Avermedia

In terms of lag how well do these HDMI to component and VGA to componenet adapters work? I want to be able to record replays on my ASUS at tournaments but it needs to be as lag free as possible. If there is any noticeable lag on the setup at all this might not be a good option for me.

I’d recommend you read that thread, and the other streaming/recording guide thread that’s floating around, but basically: a powered HDMI splitter shouldn’t induce any lag; I use this one personally. Console to HDMI splitter to Asus monitor won’t add any latency to the players. After that, an HDMI to component adapter from the splitter to the recording device… well, that doesn’t really matter as far as latency, because the audio and video will be sync’d into the recording device and you’re not going to be streaming with that anyway.

That being said, the HDFury2 (what I have experience with) doesn’t introduce lag either. Look in the other threads for other peoples’ cheaper recommendations for that type of adapter, since you need to make sure it’s able to strip HDCP (the PS3 always outputs a copy-protected HDMI stream).

I’m using 360 so does the HDCP still apply to that? Do I need the HDfury2 or can I just go with the splitter and HDMI to component adapter? The HDfury2 is out of my budget at this point. I have a tourney on the 21st. If I can just get the splitter and adapter for that to record matches that would be great if those are the only 2 items I need. I have another concern pertaining to the Avermedia GameCaoture HD. I watched the demo video WNF did for it after ordering and they said it’s possible to record via HDMI but some of the video quality for the replays will be sacrificed. It seems like an amazing product just not ASUS monitor friendly out of the box. What about using VGA is that a more viable option or no? Sorry for all the questions.

Woop, yeah, assumed PS3. 360 doesn’t put HDCP out on the HDMI for everything, only video content. Games are generally capturable without issue, in my experience. That being said, I think people have mentioned ~$30-40 converters with “PS3 compatibility” (aka HDCP stripping) in the other threads so… it’s probably worth your while to take a look. You’ll be spending about that much anyway on the converter, so you may as well try to get something that somebody can personally recommend. Good luck!