AverMedia Portable HDMI to DVI converter


Hello …
iSHoryuken here , Sorry if i posted this in the wrong section
My name is Onix and i’m a street fighter Uploader , Mostly i feature PC players … uploading some tournaments and XBL matches .
We all know that Ultra going to be released for Xbox first and later for PC and in order to keep my channel alive i need to get an xbox360, Onilne membership, SSF4AE Game and capture card.

I finally decided to get an averMedia Portable, the thing is i have 2 screens that i can use for the Xbox but none of them has an HDMI port , and buying a new screen is really going to be hard for me … everything in my country is so pricey and even the AverMedia i’m getting it from USA … sending it to UAE then to Palestine which going to cost me at least its price + 200$ so excuse me for cheeping out a little .

My idea is getting an HDMI to DVI converter but my concern is the video quality … like less than HD 720p is not acceptable for me and my viewers so thats why i’m here today , it would be great if you guys have any idea about this … if you recommending a specific Converter it would be great help .

Thank you in advanced


Since the HDMI-port of my ASUS screen is used by PS3 I have my XBox 360 connected to its DVI port with a basic HDMI->DVI cable. The output is perfect 1080p.


Moving to Tech Talk.

In most cases, aside from the lack of sound, DVI is a better choice than HDMI considering that the latter has no lag inducing post-processing.


I also like to include that DVI cables are built to higher standards than HDMI cables. You have better shielding, better electrical impedance (or rather less impedance) and less cross talk along the data lines.


you can grab one of these http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=104&cp_id=10419&cs_id=1041902&p_id=2029&seq=1&format=2

dvi is the same thing as hdmi without sound


TBH, I think being able to automatically set encoding settings with HDMI gives it an edge. Concerning the OP’s constraints, however, perhaps finding a second-hand screen might be the better option? Just food for thought.


This only works if OPs HDMI ports are following the HDMI 420 spec

(in all seriousness)
HDMI doesn’t introduce any post processing or lag, for our purpose here, it’s virtually the same cable as DVI, except it can carry audio as well. The HDMI cable or port does not introduce post processing or lag, it’s entirely possible that the controller on the monitor will, but it’s also possible that it’ll do that to DVI as well.

Also what is this “higher spec” DVI cables are built to? I’ve never had an issue with cross talk with an HDMI cable…


Most retail HDMI cables are made cheaply and use thin straight wires with no shielding. Cables from places like Monoprice are the exception.
Good DVI cables are built the same way good VGA cables are, are shielded and much more sturdy. Although the $15 VGA and DVI cables from best buy are poor examples.

Also the idea of DVI cables, if hooked up to the PC connector of most HDTVs bypasses some of the TV’s image post processing.
Used with a HDMI adapter and there no difference.


Thank you guys for your ideas and answers … sorry for being late to come back to you, the averMedia is in its way to my country and for now ill try a normal HDMI to AVI converter … if didn’t work i might get a second hand screen with HDMI port like what C00 suggested … thanks again guys .