AVI to DVD help

I want to burn an AVI file onto a dvd (I assume it has to be converted to an image file).
Basically I want to be able to pop it in a dvd player and it plays automatically (for example it could work in a playstation 2)
What would be the best free program to do that?

I use a program called super for all my video conversion, I havn’t used it for what you want but I’m quite sure it has that capability.


Stupid question but to what format would I convert it to exactly using Super? I chose the DVD format but it came out with an output of over 5gigs so that was a no go.

avi2dvd is also a really good one.

What is it you’re putting on a DVD?

A standard single-side disk is only gonna’ allow about 2 hours of video at crappy quality. If you’re converting something really long, the quality will have to be extremely low in order to fit. At good quality, you can expect about 20 minutes to be a gig. Commercial DVD’s fit about 2 hours of great quality on a disk, but they burn both sides…and you can’t (unless you have a swank new burner).

What are you using to burn the DVD, btw? It might be easier to figure out what your software supports first. Converting directly to vobs isn’t the easiest, unless you know what you’re doing. I, personally, always use DVDStudio Pro to author all of my discs, but that’s because I have the program at work and use it every day. My knowledge of non-commercial burn methods is sadly lacking.

It’s the simpsons movie -_-! I just want it to be able to play in any dvd player :sad:

Whatever you used to make the 5gig file, check in the settings and lower the bit rate by about 15%, then you should have a video capable of fitting on a single-layer disc.

Is the file that program made a .vob?

I didn’t check what extension it was. I cancelled it before the encoding ended since the projected output was already well beyond 4.6 gigs

Ah yeah, just see if you can control the bitrate of the encode. Not sure how long the movie is, but you should be able to easily get it below 4.7 with a little tweaking. Most of my encodes at work, I end up between 6 and 7 m/s.

Your program might be set on the highest quality by default.

I use Nero Vision for all divx/xvid to DVD Format. It should be included in your usual Nero Burning Rom package.

guide for the link i posted above… and below

Don’t worry too much about the size of the file. You can use a free program called DVDshrink to fit it on a 4.7 gig DVD.


Thanks :tup: gonna try this.

I would advise against this, however. It will effectively double encoding artifacts.

The avi already has its set of encoding artifacts, those then get compounded with new encoding artifacts when the file gets converted to DVD format. If it gets “shrank” to fit on a 4.7, it gets encoded yet again. Not ideal, if you can avoid it.

However, if dvdshrink will shrink a file that isn’t a DVD-format mpeg2, then that’s your best bet, doing it directly. I don’t remember if it does, though. I have dvdshrink on the PC next to me… I’ll see what it can do.

Edit: lol, nevermind. IT screwed over my PC-server login, again. I can’t use the PC, haha.

Actually the quality of the video remains pretty good when using DVD shrink. Plus you can choose the compression ratio and what to keep

It doesn’t change the fact that it’s an additional (and unnecessary) encode… when you could just encode it into the correct size/format the first time and not take the extra quality loss. Most of the loss from the shrinking would come in the form of colorspace and temporal distortion, which I guess a lot of people wouldn’t care about.

I have higher standards than most people, though. This stuff is my job, and I take it more seriously then I should in some cases. I don’t waste encodes as a matter of principle.

ROMs = no no

Converting a pirated movie to DVD = good? WTF

anyway, 5 gig might be fine. Overburn is possible, but not likely.

Encoding from avi to Dvd is also an unnecessary encode with avi capable Dvd players available. Personally I don’t even bother converting to Dvd anymore.

I understand what you’re saying but I really don’t think the extra encoding from Dvd shrink will add any noticeable degradation in quality.

Well obviously if somebody has a DVD player capable of playing something in the avi wrapper, it’s not a problem. The issue being that rarely does a DVD player’s firmware keep up with ever-changing avi wrapper codec upgrade hell.

Also, it does create a noticeable degradation, it just depends on how much you care. Mpeg 2 (vob) encoding tweaks colorspace. You lose brights and blacks every time. An addition encode means the picture is just slightly less vibrant.

I’m not saying it destroys your ability to view the picture. I’m saying if you have the ability to make a vob that WOULDN’T require re-encoding, that’s the much smarter choice if you care about maximizing your visual quality.

It’s a pirated movie, so the quality is probably already bad. Anything to minimize further degradation is best. I think his best option, however is wait till the DVD comes out.