avi to iso

anyone know of an easy and free program that will do this im trying to get family videos on a dvd

WinAVI video converter is extremely easy to use… I think you can download a trial version for free.

Alternatively, u can pm me for free version :wgrin:

kool and after that can you use Nero to do it ?

There’s a lot of programs that will put an iso on a disk, but I like DVD decrypter. It does a whole bunch of other stuff like converting iso into VOB (which is basically mpeg2), and it gives you a lot of info about dvds such as whether or not they’re dual layered, how much space they take up, and so on. You can pretty much get a region encoded iso, decrypt, then write in iso mode to make it region free.

Download here => http://www.doom9.org/Soft21/Rippers/SetupDVDDecrypter_3.5.4.0.exe

There’s tonnes of info at doom9 for this kind of stuff.

To copy the iso to a disk, just go to: Mode, ISO, Write, and then click on the HDD=>DVD graphic.