Avoiding/recovering from sword power-ups?



Silver Samurai is my character of choice… just low tier enough to be a fun challenge, just mid tier enough to actually win some against elite teams.

My big honkin’ problem with him has been the accidental sword power-ups, usually on a cross-up (usually game-assisted - I know which way they are, but the game engine always has had weird properties about which way you are really facing).

A power-up Ice is fine, and is my super of choice late in the game. Iced Samurai and Sentinel drones has been a great way to protect a lead.
A power-up Lightning? That’s bad - you needed that level for Raimenken or the Triple Shuriken - but it’s not a killer.
The big bogeyman I have is the damned power-up Fire. When I get crossed on an attempted Raimenken, I invariably get the power-up Fire instead. Thereby I lose the attempt to take off 30-40% of their life (and hopefully an assist’s) and instead eat a retaliatory combo that snuffs most any chance of winning the match.

How do people avoid the power-up Fire cross-over? I’ve started inserting a jab sword slash first so that I’m sure the game agrees with my sense of direction. That’s time I desperately don’t want to use, but I think I have to if I want to stay alive.

And how do people recover from a bad Fire power-up? I immediately try to trade hits & go all aggro until I gain some distance from them because … well, any half decent player faced off against a Fire powered up Sam is going to rush him down, since you no longer have the Raimenken as a rush down deterrant. :frowning:


after playng the game for over 3 years i found out that sword power ups are a waste of time.
just burns bars and leaves u open, only in one on one matches against a knocked down opponent should u enter ice or lightnin. never fire


If you can see a crossup coming, you might try throwing a shuriken well before the crossup. If you cancel a special with a super, you always face the direction you were in when you did the special regardless of if the opponent crosses you or not.


A crossed-over shuriken attempt would be the Lightning Sword power-up. Not as suicidal as the Fire Sword power-up can be, though. :\ Agreed on the general bad-ness of using the Sword power-ups - they’re only useful in really controlled circumstances. You can mash or even reconnect the normal sword Raimenken against helpers for up to ~80% damage, and thus change the entire pace of the game. Ice can pay off well in the later stages of the game, since it’ll keep you alive for longer and sets up the Ice Super.

I keep having the cross-over problem - a couple times I’ve done the standard super-jump or jump over opponent’s helper, clearly facing towards Sentinel who is 2-3 body lengths in front me of me coming down from his own super-jump, and gotten the Fire Sword power-up instead of Raimenken. The controls at that arcade have been a source of much complaint, so that might be the cause, but I can’t help but think this is a game bug.

Heck, I’ve even gotten to where I anticipate and correct for Sam’s crossing himself up - a Sentinel or Mags super-jumping over your head is still technically in front of you until they clear your rear foot, plus or minus a character length, so even though their block orientation has changed when they cross over the middle of Sam, Sam is still facing the same direction - and thus your attack should go towards the same direction they’re blocking to. Really doesn’t make any sense, but … at least now I’m starting to anticipate and correct for the game’s mistakes. :bluu:


Hello Dasrik :slight_smile:

Hee hee, me and Dasrik wuz board boxing on the Fake Mvc2 Thread. Anyway im just trying to put in my input on your crossup situation. Yea that Fire really sux…and even though my name is SpitFie :slight_smile: I avoid using it. My man Silver just takes too much damage with it on when he gets hit…its ridiculous. But :slight_smile: If youre good with ironman or warmachine an ugly combo to use with fire is jumping head stab with hk or slash with hp then down lk, down lk+im, Fire then kick super. 80 percent better make sure you kill them or block good :). But you might as well mash the lightning if you get that combo instead of turning on the fire. To avoid the crossups i try to usE jumping lk, lk cause it looks weird and has some pretty good priorities. Like jumping lk, lk+helper helps :). But overall on a scale of up to 10 matches with silver samurai if youre not playing defensively and trying to fight a good rush down player the crossup is gonna happen. Its just a fact for silver sam…makes me so mad i’ll just tag out when i activate a sword powerup from a crossover, and wont even care if the next character gets killed :lol:

I wont waste your eyes with too much more silver sam talk but i can go good in a match with him. Jumping hard slahes to the stars and sent drones for zoning…then i catch helpers and chars coming in after the annoyance of that in lightning and damn near kill the helper. But my biggest mistake is letting a helper live that i’ve damn near killed. And letting the character im fighting dhc out or tag out with 10-15% life left. Then the next TOP TIER char comes in…owns me. Then by the time i get back around to whatever annoying anti air char i was trying to kill da bish has full health. esp psylocke ex. MSP. So i think the best strats with silver sam even for fun :slight_smile: Cause whats more fun than beating top tier with him :cool: Is to kill when you use the lightning. DHCs with storm after the lightning…and Ironman after kills. So i think the best thing to not get crossed is Zoning with stars and Jumping LK, LK+AAA or Helper. Then Shock Em Good :slight_smile: Silver Sam being grounded = Gay Crossover supers. If you can stay back and airborn you can catch em comin with uber lightning :slight_smile: Hope that helps…peece.


SpitFie: Silver Samurai can’t be thrown while crouching.

Just something you should know :wink:



What does that have to do with my post


It’s not just what to look forward to to prevent this (fire super), but what to do if it happens IMO. Unless your team has a safe DHC, switching out is obviously bad. Even using DHC, you’ve already lost total of 3 bars for your mistake. So that leaves staying in :(. Countering is an option, but that depends on the team.

Curious, are there any other attributes from fire super other than increased damaged and decreased armor? Normal attacks chip?