Avoiding sentinels unblockable w magneto

I’ve only pulled this off twice midgame

right before magneto appears on screen and falls onto the damn beam.


this shit seems like a just frame or something, i honestly don’t understand why it’s so hard.

A few good players told me it wasn’t possible, I’ve done it *shrug

anyone know how this works?

There’s a period when your character is coming in where you can’t do any special moves. It’s like at the start of the match where there’s a period of time where you can’t throw. That’s why if you pushblock you can always do specials/supers after you pushblock because the time period expired. You can get a super off or flight or whatever before you hit the ground, but I really doubt there’s enough time to get it off before running into sent’s beam, it’s too high.

i flew above the super both times.

shoultzula did it in a session this week vs my sent too.

ny heads prolly got it figured out, j360?

now if only there was a way to stop the unblockable on Psy then MSP would be alittle more soild.

From that discription it seems so hard to hit that xx fly, but if your gonna get hit either way might aswell try something. Thing is that then you have the guessing game of tricking the person that your gonna do it, and just block when you come in because they might try a s.hp instead to hit your fk.

Well the way escaping with mag works is that like jake said there is a period of time where you cant do anything, this can be cut down by attacking first and canceling with a move. As long as you start the fierce a little bit before you come in, you can start flying at the right time. Its not an instant cancel but it sets up enough time to fly over the beam before it hits.

The fierce fly does work to my knowledge seeing as how ive done it more than once on what seemed to be a rightly timed unblockable.

PS: btw psy can escape the unblockable in 2 ways depending on how its timed =D

actually i believe the explanation to this is that you HAVE to do a normal to get a special to come out.

try using lk, i have more success with that.

if anyone else has played the previous vs games, you would know that when you are in income, (not regular jump mode, although the blcking properties are) that you have to do either a normal OR block to do a special or super.

try mashing lk and when u see his leg out quickly cancel into fly.

you’ll notice, if you block a gb, then tempest, then quickly DHC, it will allow you to do that smoothly. same thing with the normals. try to do a normal, then super, then DHC. but if you dont do anything, the special move you tried to do will come out as a normal.

and J360 share ur ways of the escapes with us =]. what normal do you use? because her unblockable hitbox is soo HUGE and most of her normals wont allow her to have enough time to use a special…

There is u gotta do up+fk right before it hits her.

That is one way.

i dont know if its for sure, but with psy i’ve also just pressed LK before and escaped what seemed to be a correctly timed unblockable. look at her animation, her legs are lifted higher and it seems like it helped. not for sure though.

Does lk xx MT work?

it would seem that it would be better to do HK or d+LK simply for the fact that magneto still has one leg fully extended during a n.LK. might save you a bit of time to do the others seeing that his hit box changes