Avoiding Wake-Up reversals/ Pressure options

Akumas always been my favorite character in this game sinice Vanillas, but it seems I always have had two problems with him, Getting hit by random or wake up reversals that kills my momentum, or not being able to get out of someone else pressuring me. I know theres the exploding heart technique that stuffs reverslas but thats only for a forward throw, what do you try to do to avoid wake up reversals.

Also when someone is putting constant pressure on you, what do you usally do to avoid it. It seems like over half the cast have options to chase teleports, and I dont like wake up reversals becasue if ones blocked akumas health and a damaging punish doesn’t go well together.

So yeah I really want to stick with Akuma but it seems like little things that hit me and little health always ends up killing me and getting me frustrated, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Bait DP happy scrubs. My favorite is the “fake” meaty cr.mp. Do the cr.mp way early, so you recover as they try and DP you. Or do an early DF Palm

To get pressure off you? Just block man. Or make a good read and DP. Have two bars? SRK then FADC backwards

Yeah it seems that I have trouble just blocking sometimes. I either mash throw and get counter hit, or I just do something stupid lol. Got to practice how to just learn to block.
Yeah you can bait DPs, but im wondering like while your trying to put on pressure how doyou avoid them, like does an air tatsu cross up a DP? or like a Dive Kick beats it, stuff like that

Command dive kick, DF kick and cross up Tatsu can beat SRKs, but it’s spacing and timing specific