Avoiding your Rematches with Hawk? (Zen4LiFe1981, and others)



I play on all 3 systems with Hawk and some other characters, but hawk is my main, and I’ve made it in the top ten worldwide with the character (Hawk BP) on SSF4 on 360, and on AE on PC and play locally at the arcade, and hopefully soon on PS3 so for whatever that’s worth, maybe you think there is some credibility to my statement, maybe not.

I’ve noticed alot of Hawk players that have beaten me when I random select or pick an alternate and they barely win, that they are incredibly resilient to want to rematch me, even I tell them ill pick the same character again (Abel, Deejay, Cody, Hakan, Gief…whoemever they won against).

I think that there are quite alot of Hawk players from what I have seen that are too scared to give a rematch, for fear that they might give away some of their dirty “tricks” (Dive in front of their face to ultra 1, ex Dive and hit low, slide into ultra 1, dash tricks, empty jumps into ultra 1, semi-tick throw setups, back jumping into a surprise ex dive…whatever you want to call your tricky setups).

But, I honestly think there are quite a few out there that thrive on the ranked match format. Just playing 1 game, using a lesser-used character, and placing too much reliance on gimmicks and tricks to win that one-time ranked match using surprise setups on unassuming players…then not wanting to rematch that same person for fear that they may learn to defend against those setups they hadn’t seen yet. Maybe trying to hide their lack of experience with footsies and mind games.

It’s 100 percent contrary to the ‘arcade attitude’ where anyone with the credits can get in their rematch, and the winner must defend the throne.

So Zen4Life1981 (PS3 tag) and to others that say the most ridiculous crap about why they don’t want a rematch (Zen4lLife1981 replied to my rematch request with: “What’s the Point?”)… seriously…


Fucking Grow A Pair.


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Unrelated, but I find playing long sets against the same character over and over makes me lose. I have to play so patiently with hawk, my mind goes numb and it just gets to be annoying. I like playing hawk, but I can’t play against the same person with hawk for more than say, 10-15 matches before just losing patience…


Chad putting people on blast!


Hehe, I don’t usually! I promise. Lol. You know how it is Chris? There’s already not that many hawk players man. And it’s not even like he’s gonna lose 25/50 centavos, it’s just ranked points! Wait…it’s not even ranked points! It’s endless! Cody did say it best though:


On a side note: When can u make it out to alex’s arcade again? He doubled the floorplan and got 2012, in case u didn’t know this from last week.


Online wars.


I actually played that “Zen” guy a couple days ago. Totally wrecked him with Gief and he sent me a message calling me a lame fuck or something to that effect. He’s garbage so who cares.


Oh goodness I am heading there monday

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Oh my! Probably monday or friday night.


Hah this is gold

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Ohhh boyyyyy


There’s a reason why some players are only going to stay online. You’ll find in a lot of cases that most higher online players don’t do too well in online sets. The reason being is the gradual understanding of the t. hawk matchup. Once you realize one of his large counter picks and the runaway strategy, t hawk struggles quite a bit.

The issue at hand is that you simply found a scrub lol. OUTSIDE OF THIS MARGIN, there’s a lot of newer players who will win and don’t want to lose against a difficult matchup at hand so they’ll simply kick you. Welcome to online!

Try being in top 5. Nobody wants to rematch you -_____-


Yeah, I agree that people do a lot of stupid stuff online. The point system is really stupid too if you ask me. Points are not a good accurate measure of skill and they really should replace that system with your online record system. Like if you we’re to play against someone you’ll be able to see how many hours they’ve played online, the top 5 characters they are most experienced with, their win/loss record and etc. This is A LOT more accurate of a person’s skill and experience and not only that it also eliminates the " need " for people to wanna earn points. I really believe that the point system brings out the worst in many people as they tend to be more greedy, selfish, arrogant, and more prone to cowardice.

To stay on topic though, I NEVER refuse a rematch or any match ever. I have a good amount of points and play ranked pretty often (because it’s the most active area of online) but no matter who joins my room I NEVER ever kick them. Even if I know for a fact that the same Blanka player (or whatever matchup Hawks’ disadvantaged in) will keep joining my room 30 times, I NEVER kick them or leave and that’s the 100% pure unadulterated truth. The only times I’ll ever leave is when something comes up (I don’t leave in the middle of a game either. I always finish it). People should be more concerned about gaining more experience in a matchup(s) rather then losing some measly points. When you go to a tournament people can care less if you’re the #1 Hawk on XBL with 5000 PP/18000 BP or whatever. They don’t wanna hear about how much points you have or your online ranking, they only wanna see whether or not you have the experience and are a skilled player. That’s the way that I see it and that’s the way some of these people should see it too.


I’ve never understood this mentality. If someone is a good player and is high ranked, why wouldn’t you want to rematch to get a better understanding of the matchup?


It’s because people care for their points. I do it, too. Even though I know it is stupid. Ranked really makes me a complete asshole. I also close my client when a Blanka player joins and rage a lot. I apologize in front of everybody I raged on (though I never sent mails!) I really am short-tempered. No other game gets me to rage in fact I never rage in any other game, it’s just SF4 series.

I don’t do that in Endless, I am very calm and adorable in a lobby. I love to play sets, but nobody wants to play with me atm since PC version is outdated until later this month.


You’re on PC? We should play today or something


That’s not going to work out until weekend I guess. I am from Germany, what’s your timezone? Mine is UTC+1.

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T. Hawk mirror matches? No thanks :sweat: