AVY and Tag request

Can anyone take the exact avy I have now, dunno where you can find the picture of it though, maybe on streetfightercomics.com? Of ryu and make it into a smaller avatar and maybe squeeze my name on it [xeno]solidus in a more fancy proffesional look to it?

Also can you make it no GREATER then 80 width and 80 height and no more then 6 KB if possible?

Thanks a BUNCH.

Secondly, if anyone else wants to make this EXACT ryu pic in my currect avy yet again, with the AVY layout, the background of something similar to Kenmasters avy shown in this link, first post,


DOesnt have to be exact, just anything around the ball park. With my nick [xeno]solidus as well in a proffesional cool look to it. However Id like this as a SIG, a tag, so it has to be kinda long, you know what I mean. I dont believe it should take to long, I maybe wrong. Please give it a try. Thanks a lot guys.



Last bump for tonight

You find the pic, and Ill do it.

I found one, hope this help, if not ill keep looking for some more at work, thanks.


If you need any pics, I can just scan it straight from my comics, Hi res. Please get back to me, anyone who desires to take up this request.

Heres the 80x80, small and stuff ya know so not much to work with.

If you want to scan anything else in to give me that you want in the tag, like 1 or 2 more images, then talk to me on AIM, just check my profile. Or if you have msn or yahoo I have those. Its because you probably wont be able to put the scans in here (only a mb limit).

Thanks a lot for the 80 by 80, as for the tag, yours looks good but im looking for more of a simple rectangle tag, with maybe a “cool” blue background color and if you can make the background similar to that of kenmasters posted before. Yes im going to scan a couple pics tomorrow and send to you on aim , Ill contact you. Thanks again.

At 2nd glance, your tags background is good to, if you cant make the background similar to that like in kenmasters avy then you can use that one with maybe a light blusih color, or anything you think might fit. Scans coming soon.