Avy Request

wassup people can sum 1 make me a avatar with these sprites(maybe u can add Guile in the sumwhere)…and can you possibly make it animated…o and the backround is on u cuz i know ur really good at it…one more thing can u put SNEAKUPSLAP on there somewhere

1- http://img53.imageshack.us/img53/3650/bla1gd.png
2- http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/5341/sag5jx.png

4- (if you want to) http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/4047/guile6mh.png

are you serious

this is the new phrase then

Did you just give us some sprites and ask us to animate em…??

do you have efexs permission to use those handmade sprites?



Sneakupslap Ftw.


But he just wants the av animated, not the sprites.

DG…the floor is yours.



dam nice work DG…and thanx to all who shitted on me for a dam request…thanx agian DG

Awesomeness. Done.

The awesomeness lies in the fact that he thanked DG for tha Av but didn’t put it on.

Are you okay?





that’s the ancient ways of the chicago pimp.

here’s the guy saying that i cant use it( in a e-mail response)

“Yes you can use my sprites, but you have to show it to me so I can know what you do with them”

o and i didnt put it up cuz its an invalid image it sayz…im not that much of a dick i tried

What did you expect, making a sprite from scratch is hard work. Of course he wants it to be made into a high quality avatar.

So…? I’m still waiting for you to show it to me. And you said YOU were going to make the av (if I may recall correctly) and not others to make it for you.
BTW that Sagat isn’t mine. You should search for the guy who made it and ask him permission too.

Cool work on that av, DarkGiygas.

You… are a king among men. Your sprites are incredible.

e fex here’s the whol convo on the dam spritez:

**me: do you mind if i use your sprites in a avatar??

you: Yes you can use my sprites, but you have to
show it to me so I can know what you do with them.

me: ok yea…i just wanted to use them in a avatar…but much propz there fukin tight man…i sent u that avatar also…and tell me what u think**

**where in the hell did i say that i would make sumthin with the spritez myself??..**and to all who shitted on me fuk off…yea real good on talking shit to people for a dam request and when i do get permission just like u asked…i get more bullshit…so…thanx… DG thanx for the dam avy…thanx E FEX for the permission…and a big fuk u to all u bitched…and i wanted Toy to try to fix it cuz i wanna use it…it wont let me save it…but if its too much fuking work delete this dam thread delete my account…and its a done deal

What can I do to A) get you to come to IMM more often, B) Enter an ABC, C) Teach me how to do those sprites. I’ve done a few custom sprites before (sc3 nightmare, hi-res sam sho characters, etc.) but nothing on your level. Teeeeech meeeee! And D) …nevermind…*


  • = I was gonna ask you to do some Popeye sprites, but hell, PsychoSquall already did that for me in spectacular fashion. <3 my av sooooo much. i’m never taking it off!