AW2210 vs. VH236H... which monitor to buy?


I currently have both monitors ordered, but debating which one to keep. I got Dell to sell me the Alienware AW2210 for $230 ($30 more than what it was on black friday) so please put aside the money factor between the two in my case, thanks ;).

I’ve been reading that the Alienware monitors were lagging at EVO2k10, but also read that it was only on the main stage due to a passive hdmi splitter. Also I saw Cicada’s input lag test for the AW2210 for HDMI, and it was constantly behind by 10ms, sometimes more, sometimes less, but also his DVI-D test showed in sometimes out performing his CRT. I read a couple responses to this saying it might have to with his video card, and to quote “oh and another thing i noticed is on DVI your LCD is ahead of the CRT likely because that monitor is updating full frames at a time when v-sync is on so the CRT’s scan line is lagging behind the LCD panels update speed.” The person who wrote that also was curious to why the HDMI was about 10ms behind when DVI-D and HDMI are identical.

So back to my original question… which monitor is the best between the two? Putting in consideration input lag first, and everything else after that. Anyone have experience with both monitors and can vouch for one or the other? I’m sure they’re both great, but really want keep the one with the lowest input lag without having to open both of them up when they arrive and get charged a restocking fee. I know a great deal of you love your VH236H, but not many people really comment on their AW2210.

Thank you so much for your time, and hopefully some of you have first hand experience with both monitors.


I’d keep the Asus. It’s chosen by EVO to be the most lag free monitor.


A lot of people were buying a 27" Asus monitor at MicroCenter during December. (Probably the same unit that was recommended in another thread.)

It’s a popular unit and very good for the price. It was still $299 at the register but a mail-in coupon gave you $30 back. Just a week ago, MicroCenter didn’t have any in-stock. They had sold something like 4 units that day…

It’s most likely the kind of unit I’ll buy for my first HDTV.

I’m still keeping my old 27" CRT TV but when I get an HDTV the PS3 is definitely getting hooked up to it!

3D is a different story. I think it’s too early for it, I don’t like the prices, and I wasn’t impressed by the 3-D films I’ve seen in theaters. The three-dimensional aspect doesn’t approve a bad story. Also, I noticed the last film I saw in 3-D was fairly dark and desaturated. I’ve read that this is a by-product of the process. It’s a by-product I can do without!


Yeah, the Asus is praised by a lot of people.

The Alienware one did look promising from the videos Cicada posted, but I think his tests were performed wrong as a couple people said. I wouldn’t think it’d be possible for a LCD to out perform a CRT. I think his HDMI test was accurate though. Kind of sucks, because I really wanted to keep the AW2210, but it looks like I’ll be canceling that order, and going the safer route with the Asus VH236H.

Anyone else have experience with the two monitors? thanks.


No experience myself, but I bumped into another fellow at the same MicroCenter I went that’s in IT (I guess – he works with computers at any rate).
We kind of bemoaned the fact that CRT’s just aren’t made any more. There are things that they do A LOT BETTER than LCD’s, Plasma’s, and the new LED sets.
I’ve never understood why people are so quick to dump old technology in this country… New technology isn’t always 100% better and by no means is necessarily more reliable, either.

For example ==>
I don’t think the old top-loading cartridge consoles ever suffered the failure that some CD-based consoles have these past 16 years.
The PS1 really wasn’t perfected until late in its production life. Earlier first-case style PS1’s were notorious for overheating. What idiot puts heat vents on the bottom of the system case and NOT on the top and sides like they logically should!!!
The PS2 was also notorious for heating problems and reliability issues in its ‘fatty case’ days, too. When Sony switched to Slimline production, the PS2’s became much more reliable. To a much lesser extent, this is the case with the PS3, too.

ON TO THE WORST OFFENDER OF ALL… XBox 360. I’ve been around all major videogame systems since the Atari 2600 and I have never witnessed a system with so many issues and broken down first-production run models! It’s horribly manufactured and the heat issues are even worse than they were with the PS1! Supposedly, MS fixed the problems with models produced in the last two years… Then again, MS has the most-hacked, bug-ridden OS’s out there, too. Does anybody really trust what MS says anymore???
I’m still amazed this console sold as many units as it has with all these issues. I hear stories all the time of people being on their third or fourth XBox 360’s. When will they take the hint about Microsoft’s idea of “quality assurance”??

It was never Sony fanboyism being my primary factor in getting the PS3… I wanted Blu ray early and I also wanted a system that had the exclusives I liked, too. The original XBox and XBox 360 never had exclusives that I particularly cared for. As bad as the practices of all three console developers are, MS is still the worst by far IMHO.

P.S. – In all fairness, I have doubts that my PS3 would still be working today IF I hadn’t bought an add-on fan to circulate and vent the heat better. Slimline PS3’s are supposed to be a lot better with regards to heat issues and electrical usage.
As much as I appreciate my ‘Fatty 60GB PS3’, if I could get a fair price on it and had a USB drive to offload my saves, I’d probably trade the unit in now. I’ve kept my PS2 for PS2 games and imports that won’t run on any domestic PS3!


<3 the Asus monitor.

The things CRTs do better than LCD/Plasma/LED are of no concern to the vast majority of consumers.

So… you wanted to get Blu Ray early… yet you’re knocking the HDTV technology that BDs have taken advantage of the past 4 years? Your Blu Ray movies aren’t looking any better than your DVDs on your CRT, bub.

It’s not that people are quick to dump old technology - CRTs were more expensive to produce/repair/ship. I paid over $500 for my 27" Wega eight years ago. You can get an LCD that size for less than half that now. Also, your 98 lbs. girlfriend can pick it up for you on her way back from getting her nails done & put it in the back seat of her Mini Cooper - without breaking a nail or a sweat.

Granted, I was able to carry the Wega in the house by myself, but I’m a 300lbs dude. I’ll keep a CRT in my house for my NES/SNES/PS1/PS2/Saturn/Dreamcast/Gamecube, but other than those consoles it’s mostly a 150 lbs dust collector.

Finally, the bigger the CRT got the cost was way more expensive. Difference between a 27" and 32" Wega was $350.

Edit: I’ve been drinking, apologies if this is incoherent.


the fuck


i got a vh246h and it’s perfect

as close as i could find the uk


We have a 52 inch Wega from 06 thats HD. Cost us about $1700 that year. Now, we have a 46 inch samsung lcd in that place and the wega is downstairs and the sammy produces much better picture and we got it for about $700.


isn’t the asus bigger and cheaper?


Do the larger Asus monitors suffer from the same audio lag (going from standby to ready) as the VH236H? That issue irks me most about the monitor.


Samsung’s pretty darn good for the 46" and above TV sets. They regularly trounce Sony in reviews from what I’ve heard.

Me? I’d be satisfied with the ASUS for the time being as a gaming set until I can afford a bigger set for watching movies.

Been hearing good things about the LG and Vizio sets, too.


Except they made HD CRT’s. I have a 32" Wega that does 720p/1080i and I can actually play all my old games without lag and horrible scaling. I also got it for only $50 after seeing an ad posted at the store.


Yeah, but the price or the couple inches of difference doesn’t matter to me. I’m really looking for the monitor with the lowest input lag between the two.



I got the ASUS today, but haven’t opened it, and the Alienware monitor is coming tomorrow or the next day. Really would like to know which one is better from someone that has used both. Thanks again.


Have no clue how Alienware and capcom got close to each other

Alienware OptX? AW2210 21.5 inch Full HD Monitor Product Details

I wouldn’t get the 21in because I’d want a bigger screen anyway. The 23 seems to never have been tested. I’m just really fighting the urge to go for the EVO monitor becasue I think there could be some larger screens (and maybe even sexier) that are virtually lag free, but tough as nails to get definitive info.


Was there tests done on the vh246h?


Also interested about vh246h input lag.


Me too since it;s the only one I could find in the UK too.

My other half’s TV seems to have no input lag whatsoever in comparison to my current shitty monitor (You can feel it pretty bad when you switch) and it’s an LG, I’d have to ask which model though.


I have the VW246H and iirc the VH and VW both use the same panel.

Seems to have about 20-30 ms of lag (this is in scenery mode not game mode but I don’t really think it’ll change anything tbh)


I have both monitors. Both are great however Alienware feels smoother, however you must buy speakers (get some cheapo 10 dollar ones on