Awesome Commentators?


Who are some fun and entertaining commentators to listen at?

Not just some boring commentators who says what’s happening on the screen…
This guy was f**king hilarious, Oh the hype. Those good ol’ 3S days.

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This Ryu player was damn good, and what do we have here, it’s RX! The famous retired (I think) Urien player that made Daigo look like just another player.


Sounds like Nuki, but I could be wrong, audio quality is pretty shit.



Chris Hu

My fav commentator by far, he knows his stuff and he is hilarious


who’s the guy who was commentating with Bananaken at season’s beatings?






Whoever is commentating here, pretty much the funniest commentary I’ve ever heard.




Chris Hu.



Not James Chen


James Chen
Ultra David
Seth Killian
Chris Hu




RX just qualified for SBO.

I’m pretty sure the commentator in that vid is KSK.


The only correct answer is Rockefeller.


Who commented on this?
He sounds just like the guy in the video I posted.

I wanna see more video of [LEFT]Kokujin commentating, anybody link me?[/LEFT]


probably is KSK. Both vids are from gamers vision ranbats (RIP) which KSK owned


KSK = Kokujin?


Yipes, Dr. Sub, James Chen, SkiSonic, Sp00ky.

I dont like UltraDavids Commentary at all.


no but they are friends!

KSK plays black Alex and is known for losing in spectacular ways

Kokujin is well known as a 3s commentator too


I need videos of Kokujin commentating, link me?


Rush hour