Awesome Dan player videos and tutorials



On youtube there’s a channel called SMUGAMI. The guy is a master Dan player (loads of uploaded ranked and casual matches), and he’s helpfully uploaded a load of tutorial videos as well. Loves getting in a lot of taunts in matches, with ensuing hilarity in many cases.

His channel link is:

Thought some of you wanting to tap into the potential of Saiko-Power might like it (found this stuff as I originally was going to main Dan). Doesn’t look like anyone posted this first!


Oh hi there :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:


Is it you?!? :rofl:

Your videos should really be a sticky. After I’ve practiced a bit more, it would be great if you could embarrass me on youtube as well!


Yes it is, my videos credit my name as “Sugami” rather than my youtube username (which is a really old account BTW) :stuck_out_tongue:

All my videos are lost in the video thread somewhere but I’m always happy to link to them if a new Dan comes on the scene asking questions :rofl:


Yeah, I’ve seen Sugami around Dan’s forum all the time, and these videos are amazing.

Sugami, are you going to EVO this year? I’m new and meeting up with SaikyoJoe, if you’re going, we should all have a Saikyo Showdown.


Considering I live in the UK, that is very unlikely :rofl:


Well, that’s disappointing :expressionless:


You guys rock. I’m alting dan for hilarity and this is great. Thanks so much for combos.

I mained him for a year in alpha as a kid before realizing he was a joke character I’m actually rocking those scrubby dp ken mashers. I’m like 80%. This is revenge for mashing dp on my cammy…all these scrubs will suffer.

I was doing this with sagat, but that was too easy, this is also hilarious.

People who can FADC to ultra with ryu are losing, one ken actually entered a fireball war with me at midrange and ex fireballed, rofl. Dare I say it…you guys are almost as cool as Dan.


I often Koryuken FADC to Crouch Taunt which interrupts their falling animation.

Am I cool yet?


Forget the FADC and go full blown koryu-super cancel super taunt- ultra 2 :slight_smile:


I would do this, but it’s impossible, super cancel which takes 2 bars then super taunt which takes 4? That’s 6 bars…


Super cancel the Koryuken, not FADC into Super Taunt :stuck_out_tongue:


:d::df::d::df::hp::r::hp::hk: = HUGE SUCCESS!


I also have a channel dedicated for dan only, rank match wins only


Oh shit. Why didn’t I think of this, thanks you guys!


I find Krack’s method a bit confusing :rofl: I basically do the Gadouken super cancel but with an extra F input on the front:



Sugami, I’ve been watching your combo and ultra and other Dan tutorials, they’re so great, I highly recommend them for anyone looking to improve their Dan.


Thanks, you’re too kind :slight_smile:


Why is the back throw better Sugami?


In short:

  1. More damage.
  2. Better wake-up options.