Awesome Fighting game related happening.... well, at least for me

So I work at best buy here in Michigan, and we’re having an employee Apprecation night next Sunday where everyone who works there come into the store after it closes and gets food and drinks for free. I managed to talk the management into getting together several Video Game Tourneys, using systems hooked up to our giant 50"+ HDTVs. The Games include Rock Band, Guitar Hero III, Halo 3, COD4 and Madden. The coolest ones by far are the ones for Street Fighter II, III, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Guilty Gear, and KOF which I managed to get allot of people to sign up for. I was kinda surprised at the amount of people who play fighters in my area. In fact, this kid who works in the Media dept. and I have been having words with each other. He’s been talking crap about how he’s supposedly unstoppable in all fighters. It’s gonna be great to publicly beat him down.

Just thought I’d share this awesome event with the community here, and BTW, this is my first post. :shy:


Has anyone else done this @ their work before?

That’s pretty aweseome man! Cool to know that your playing actual fighting games and not just Halo/shooters! :slight_smile: I haven’t done any events at my work (tech support) but it’d be pretty cool.
Good to know your doing something for the fighting game community.
I know of a lot of talkers too that say they’re the best in fighting games so I know how you feel to publicly beat them down. hehe

Hope it’s a success man!

good for you. playing games on rows of huge tv’s at best buy sounds godlike, haha. :tup:

Oh it is. Once they hook the surround sound up to it, It’ll be REALLY badass. :rock:

And yeah, I play Rock band and Guitar Hero allot too ( I’lll prolly win that tourney. Not trying to sound cocky, just realistic.), but i mainly play Fighters and RPGs on the consoles, and Allot of RTSs and some shooters like COD 4and COD 2 on PC.

you play Universe At War?

Sadly, no. My pc has a Sempron Processor (1.8 Ghz) I really have no Idea how the hell it even plays COD 2, Let alone COD 4. I tried installing a demo for it, but it chugged the whole time and was unplayable. Same with Sup. Commander… that, and I’m “borrowing” and internet connection from an unencrypted signal.:sweat:

Wait… How is the Rock Band tourney working? That’s a co-op game. If you’re going by individual scores some songs are harder to some parts than others. Not saying that it can’t happen but I’m just curious.

I’m really just bringing Rock band for novelty purposes, not so much to play Band a. vs. Band b. I kinda just threw it in with the other games.

Oh… Band A vs. Band B may turn out to be a lot of fun, though. I may wanna give that a try next big gathering!


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Just make sure beforehand that there aren’t any lag issues on your 50" HDTVs… that’d be horrible to lose to that Media Dept. scrub because of lag…

I haven’t really played 2D fighters on HDTVs at all, but is the lag really that noticeable that you would lose to a scrub because of it?