Awesome fightstick "table" for $30

My sister gave me one of these last weekend being it was just sitting in her garage, and it’s the best thing ever. Easily height adjustable 21", 24", 26", or 28" high so any chair works with it, and it’s 100% stable. Bonus is it folds flat to store easily.
If you’re a sit-down player and looking for something to play on at home besides your lap, I highly highly recommend one of these!!!

Currently on sale on amazon for a lil’ over $30

I hope this is an appropriate post for the forums. I’m not trying to sell anything here personally :D. I just happened across a very cool product that other fighting game players can find useful, and it’s currently on sale pretty cheapy cheap.

Here’s mine set up in front of my TV.

Never seen someone so excited about a TV TRAY before.



OP post is just missing the panoramic view,slowly spinning camera, and the hot price is right chic smiling and demoing it

Lmao when children get ahold of a computer.

mom’s ironing board too good for you, suckah?

Not my cup of tea, don’t like the awkward stand. I like leg room. Plus, there’s TV trays out there for much cheaper.

Look at this guy. Shilling some ghetto ass TV tray.

This is a mans TV tray right here. Tthis shit will have bitches jumping on your dick faster than a 1000 dollar bill.

I like my arcade cabinet better :relieved:

I just get one of my fat concubines to kneel before me, so I can nestle my stick in their back fat.

Why don’t you just get your servant to go on all fours

Try to share something that may be helpful to some, and get jacknod peanut gallery comments. Should have expected as much from this community. :neutral:

This shit’s too good with the tv tray burns. Feels almost like OG SRK. sigh Ah, nostalgia.

Shit man, you just discovered the table, this is gonna be huge!

There is a noble prize being made with the TC’s name on it right now.

You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Finally a TV tray that I can put a tea cup + saucer on with my fight stick. LIKE A GENTLEMAN.

See you the fuck later, lap B)

The real WTF is this nigga installed a bat top on his JLF. Wouldn’t be surprised if he had an ocatagon gate too.

bat tops are gdlk nigga. I like the added weight and american feelz.

Agreed. Happ 4 Lyfe

Bat top + octagate =/= American feel. HAPP’s use no gate.

SNAAAAKE confirmed for SCRUUUUB.