Awesome Games Done Quick 2012 Jan 4th-9th 3 PM EST (SDA Charity event for Prevent Cancer Foundation)

Following what could be called tradition at this point, the users of Speed Demos Archive (SDA) have organized a live speedrun-focused charity event for The Prevent Cancer Foundation. This is "a 6-day online event played to raise money for cancer prevention and streamed live for you to watch."
Following is a trailer as well as a message from SDA:

100% of the donations made during the marathon go directly to The Prevent Cancer Foundation.
For more information about the organization, follow this link:

The entire event will be streamed on the homepage here:

To find out more information about the games being played during the event, including who will be playing each game and how long they are estimated to go for, follow this link:

Finally, following is a information on “special events during the marathon” from SDA:

I will try to keep the thread up to date for everyone with what game is currently being played and the next game coming up. I will also make mention of when a prize is up for bid or when a special event is happening.

As the title suggests, the marathon starts today, at 12 PM PST 3 PM EST (If you are unsure what that time is in your time zone, check this link here: and enter the time 3 PM and in the “From Time Zone” box choose EST and choose your time zone/location in the "To Time Zone."
I hope to see you all there.

Everyone needs to support this! Every year they make this better and better, TONS of effort goes into this event and like OP said it’s all for charity. ALL of it is, not “we’ll keep what we need and give the rest”, they do this out of pocket.

Also need to give shoutouts to our own FunkDoc!

Hell yes.

Every one of these marathons has been a blast to watch.

This godhand player is gdlk…

FUCK… he’s amazing at this shit…

Now is the Sonic block, Sonic 1 starts it off.
Next is Sonic 2.
Afterwards is Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Finally Sonic Adventure 2.
During the sonic block you can donate $5 or more (in one donation) to get a chance to win one of 4 prizes.

Watching it. Ninja Gaiden race was awesome, and this Sonic run is exciting too.
Watched last year too, donated a bit even. It’s good timing because this time of year I have paypal change over from the Steam sale lol.

Looking forward to seeing Iji and Mirror’s Edge the most, I think. But I’ve only glanced at the schedule.

Can’t wait for the CV runs.

Check it whenever you get the chance. There’s 4 more straight days of playing, there’s probably more that you’d be interested to watch in the marathon.

Those will be a good set of runs. The Castlevania block starts Saturday around 7:40 EST if they keep on schedule.

Checked it out last night; was playing RE1 on GC. Good shit but the actual stream of the game was so small compared to the giant black border and player’s cam. Made it kinda useless to watch.

Yeah I don’t know why it was like that at the time.

Anyway the Megaman block has started.
First up is Megaman 2 (Difficult)
Next is Mega Man 3
Then Mega Man 10
Followed by Megaman X, Mega Man X2, and Mega Man X6
Many prizes up for grabs at this time.

Aside from that, I really liked the idea and premise behind it. I personally don’t really sleep so I’m definitely interested in staying up and watching. I’m in there for Mega Man X though.

Before the next listing I’d just like to say that day 2 is over, and so far $30,507.80 has been donated by 731 people. It looks like the $50,000 goal will be met before the end. Once that happens though, they’ll just raise the goal higher, so keep the donations coming.

This is your last chance to donate for Megaman prizes, as we wrap up the Mega Man block with Mega Man X6.

Next up is the special event “Awful Games Done Quick” where of course they speedrun games that are generally considered bad.
First up is Lagoon, then Sub-Terrania, afterwards Lawnmower Man, Bubsy 3D, Trio the Punch, Bad Street Brawler, and end with Deadly Towers.

Can’t wait for the Super Meat Boy playthrough! I’m sad that Castle Crashers isn’t included this year.

Bubble Bobble started.

Up next is Bionic Commando

Pretty fun so far, wish I didn’t miss the RE1 run through though.

It is in the archives now. Starts about seven minutes in.

Oh awesome, thanks for the link.

Blaster Master started.

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out is up next, followed by Super Punch-Out!!

Three good games in a row, body is ready.

You lucky nignogs getting to watch this shit during work hours.