Awesome new Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Fight stick

Notice anything… odd about the shape of this stick?


man that stick is g-ed up from the feet up.


Panties? Who is gonna do the art mod? lol

But really this stick looks like shit, much better off getting the Hori Fighting Stick Wii or crossing your fingers for a MadCatz SE for Wii.


I’m seriously thinking of grabbing this for tatsunoko. I kinda just want to see how it works.

And its not like there are any much better options for the wii

Ew that thing looks ugly. D:

It would be more worthwhile to make a stick from a MC Cthulhu.

wow. where is the ugly stick thread at.

Can you use a MC Sthulhu pcb with the Nintendo Wii? If so then that’s a no brainer right there.

That thing looks terrible! Controls appear crappy too, your usual “retail” stick.


I am thinking that underwear looking stick could be converted into a Pedophile’s lure with a jockstrap.

That stick is so ghetto!

Yeah you can wire it up to work with GameCube (and no Wii fighter thus far has left out GC controller support).

'cept Samurai Shodown Anthology.

Someone had to post it.

haha priceless

I could’ve sworn that was a 360 joystick at the moment. RT and LT?

Yeah, I’m not sure

China made junk comes in all shapes and sizes.

I want to see someone mod this thing, but nobody I know wants to waste that much time.

Also, I doubt that the holes are the right size for “real” buttons, so yeah

cheapest and ugliest piece of hardware I’ve had the displeasure of hurting my eyes with. grim.

wow, doesn’t look to comfortable

Bring all new meaning to “playing video games in your underwear”