Awesome TE stick birthday cake

Hi Guys,

My girlfriend got me this cake for my 30th birthday. Awesome huh?

Wow, cool idea! Happy to see she supports your hobby

that is awesome.Aren’t you even slightly hesitant to eat it?

That looks pretty awesome.

Wow! Best girlfriend ever…

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I was extremely hesitant to cut it. In the end we just ate the cupcakes that she got. If they look familiar, its because she got the cupcake idea from a older post from here.

Also, she not only supports my hobby, I got her to play too. She mains Chun li and Yang :smiley: Here’s a photo of us testing out the new “stick”. ps. she’s trying to make the stupid face I have when I actually play. grrr.

You Chinese? or Korean… hmmmm

And she’s pretty cute too. Kudos man! Having a girlfriend that is cute and supports what you do is uber awesome. Damn!

Were dem grillz at?

And you’re not marrying her yet?

I think this adequately sums up my feelings on this thread.

Yo she a keeper bro. Put a ring on it lol. Happy Birthday bro peace.

can I have that blankake :eek: