Awesomeness in crappy things


Title is self-expanatory. Sometimes a crappy movie, tv show, or game has its good moments.

For example, I recently watched Spiderman 3, and it was just as crappy as every critic and internet video said it was. But the sequence when the guy gets morphed into Sandman was pretty cool.


Streets of Simshitty had an awesome soundtrack.


This thread?

Naw seriously, but how about when you’ve gotta take a big shit? I don’t mean the normal big shit, but that once in a blue moon shit that has you doubled over the toilet wanting to make a deal with the devil to end the madness? You know it’s either the the one that feels like a blowtorch, or a clipper ship is about to come out your ass. It sucks, but man when it’s over I just want to go out and dunk a fucking basketball.


I heard N.Koreans sift through pigfeces for the undigested bits on which to survive
that is most definitely awe inspiring

yesterday I found a dope spiderman Tshirt for $3 at joblots


Elbow tight, that’s some good form for a gdam… “no look” Jump shot :eek:


Don’t even try to get fancy and cr MK xx Taunt… he then misses the pass if the MK hit or got blocked. :shake:


This is going to be my go-to metaphor for so many things.


Games that are considered “bad” or just barely considered “good”.

Take Risen for example. Incredible game. Ridiculously difficult for all the right reasons, all of which are very video gamey reasons. You spend your play time learning to combat the game engine, instead of learning how to combat enemies in the game itself. It’s so old school in that aspect.

Okay, if I stand in this door way at the right angle, the enemies don’t realize I’m here and I can kill them.

My jump is stupid floaty, but its also really late, so you can jump and continue to move forward for 3 feet before you even leave the ground, despite not walking, and the game thinks you’re in the air, so you can technically walk over pressure plates without setting them off.

Enemies will immediately kill you without warning. You have to know exactly how to bait them out one at a time, and know exactly how their stupid animations are going to hit you.

I love games like this.


Enemies will immediately kill you without warning, sounds like demon and dark souls.

  • When you scratch an insect bite or a poison ivy rash.
  • The satisfaction of pulling out a splinter from your hand.
  • Major Snowstorms (Sure, we can’t go anywhere, but look at all this pretty snow.)
  • When it’s finally your turn to ride a roller coaster after waiting in a long line.
  • Spending anywhere from 50 minutes to an hour & a half filling out an application and assessment, then actually getting the job.
  • Putting Goldbond powder on a busted blister (THIS STUFF WORKS!).
  • When you get that high mark in a class you grind out for.
  • Mastering that hard link/maneuver/combo you spent hours in training mode trying to do.
  • When you get that paycheck after a 60-hour work week.
  • Finally getting your food after a long wait at a busy restaurant.
  • When all that diet, weight training and/or exercise pays off and you start to see results.
  • Unlocking that hard to get character/stage/item/mode/ending after putting in work.
  • Placing high in a tournament that more than a 2-hour drive.
  • Getting a shot from an attractive female doctor.
  • Seeing your game in action after hours of programming (or drag-and-dropping; I suck at coding).


DeS and DaS does this correctly. Often times an enemy will not slap you once and instantly murder you. Risen is like… the first god damned bird thing on the beach as soon as the game starts will immediately kill you.


the mvc2 subforum on SRK :cybot:


those guys who jump at you at the very beginning and swing their sword like a mad man can kill you instantly if you dont know how to dodge them


Yeah but they leap at you, which telegraphs the move, and then stand still and swing like idiots and hit you a bunch of times so you can expect to lose a lot of life. Also, you can easily dodge that and kill them.

DeS and DaS is built around this mechanic. The combat is absolutely brilliant. Everything is created with care. Its smooth, its smart, its perfect.

Risen is like… wake up on beach, first fight is the clunkiest bullshit combat and controls ever, and an ostrich pecks you once and straight murders your ass because the combat is just shit.


-The first 50 minutes of Watchmen
-The scenes in Gamer in which GB appeared
-Action scenes in Matrix Reloaded
-Damon in Vampire Diaries, though the show really stepped it up late into this past season


Batman & Robin for the Sega Genesis. A technical feat for the system with many impressive visuals for sure, but…OMG! The difficulty is so savage that it just kills any fun to be had.

This shit is worse than Ghoul’s N Ghosts.


The action in the Matrix sequels.


Raul Julia’s great performance in the Street Fighter movie.



Dragon Warrior 2, the battles were fucking dumb. You die in like 1 or 2 turns fuck, still its not one of the worst games ever. Its just a pain in the ass, maybe the hardest rpg


How Team Aqua/Magma almost destroy earth in Pokemon Emerald.