Awful Viper LF Sparring Partner



So I switched mains from Ryu to Viper and I now lose to everything and everyone so I need someone to practice with.

Don’t really care what your PP is as long as you’re EU and playing on 360. Mine was 1k and going constantly up while I was playing Ryu.

My gt: ZenQ37


You have to let go of the PP-Loving, instead of thinking about how much u used to win, ask yourself why you’re loosing. This is actually a good advice for myself lol. Ill gladly play some matches, XBL: Chewiie Octagon


I couldn’t care less about PP, just mentioned it so everyone would get a hint about how good I am at the game. I know the reason to why I’m losing as well and it’s because of the fact that my execution in an actual match is complete shit.

With Ryu I could rely on my normals to win but with the normals that Viper has not so much.


Aight… But maybe you should sit in training mode a bit more? Dont worry about loosing man, just try to do what you want when you want and then take it from there. Im coming online now.


im an ok blanka player looking for any viper experience as much as possible add me on psn or xbox onealskey