AWRIGHT! A Deejay Thread!


Been digging the ease of use for machine gun upper now. Actually make it part of my move lexicon where before it seemed useless since the timing for it was so wonky.

Anyone finding any new or exciting combos? I’m waiting to get done making pies to get back to dat trainin’ mode.


Nothing new discovered so far, but I did have funny Dee Jay vs Sagat game, mahsed the MGU nulified his low tiger, and his high tiger and threw a fireball back which took out the third fireball. :rofl:


Damn! I forgot Sirlin gave it a green hand sort of property. That’s going to be amazing for sagat and shotos. Does a specific punch have the fireball absorbing property or do all of them do it?

Also, I hate Honda. :frowning: It seems like everyone else is complaining about him too. Any tips for dealing with the fat man? I usually just freak out and spam jumping jab in the hopes of beating his butt splashes and headbutts.


I know its probably nothing changed at all, but I have an easier time linking c.jab to s.strong.


Honda is easy IMO.

Jumping jab beats headbutt and buttsmash (standing jab also beats headbutt). Spam him with fireballs at full range, when he jumps in hit him with a slide or sweep back off fireball spam him somemore.

Short (lightkick) upkick beats butt smash!!

If the opponent starts learning not to use strongest buttsmash then thats fine, sometimes you will be able to walk up and nail him with a standing roundhouse as soon as he lands.

So basically turtle as much as possible, try stay full distance to 3/4 distance to be most effective, he gets you in the corner, short up kick your way out. Try and force him into the corner by closing distance with slide and upkicks.

Honda has weakened hundred hand slap but I’ve yet to figure out how to use that to my benifit.

These tactics also works against Blanka, but you have to counter jump-ins sweep not slide, use upkicks and short hook kicks to avoid his sweeps and slides. Almost all of Ehondas and Blankas horizontal specials can be cleanly countered with just jabbing.


I’ve noticed that as well. Not sure if it’s just the timing being a little more forgiving than on GGPO, but I’m having an easier time with it for sure.

I’m also really liking the fact that Sobat’s second hit tends to connect more.


Thanks! The short up kick thing will help. I always get pushed into the corner eventually and then its hundred slaps chip and butt splash until death.


^ just updated my post with some more tips


Alright, dealing with Honda’s easier now, but what about Sagat? I can’t fireball fight him, and jumping in equals free tiger uppercuts or RH tiger knee juggles.

I had a little luck with early jumping jab to stop some of his stuff, but it was really unreliable. Most of the time I just got punished.

The only other tactic I had was trying to keep him at middle range and force him to play footsies and poke at him with MK and HK to try and stuff tiger shots, but it’s hard to keep him at that distance for long.


Keep in mind I’m no expert, but against Sagat I was having some luck hopping his low fireballs with the short sobat, popping them with the machine-gun-upper. Activating the MGU with up-back and then keeping that back charge for a Max-Out or Sobat seemed to be, at the very least, throwing off the players I was playing against. Do keep in mind though that this is playing against some fairly inexperienced competition (I was able to pull off 22-wins straight with DeeJay, and I’m not especially good, so that should give you some idea of the level most of the competition is playing at).


so, I just got murdered by Chun li twice in a row. I felt utterly helpless against her jump ins. She would usually time them after my fireballs so I wouldn’t have enough charge to up kick her. Is there some normal I should use as anti-air or something I can use to fight her in the air?


s.MP or s.FP, depending on the distance…start s.FP earlier. it resets the match.

…and where the hell is “Dentron, TX”? :confused:


Denton TX is what people usually call it. :slight_smile:


…i’m surprised you don’t post in the Dallas, TX (DTX) thread or “Unblockables” Denton Thread in the Southwest forums… :wonder:

we have weekly gaming sessions at buktooth’s crib; i don’t think you’ve come before? :confused:

if you have, i’ve never met you! :sad:

…you should go. :china:


I used to play with a couple of the unblockables at the UNT Campus, never been to buktooth’s. He anywhere near Plano? That’s where I am for Thanksgiving break. Be great to play some.


I was getting my butt handed to me by Sim. He would get me in a corner and do fireballs. Whats more, he would punch under my fireballs. If I tried jumping he’d just kick me out of the air. Sometimes I can get him in a corner, but he just swats me out of the air, although sometimes I can trade hits with j. RH. How do you win this matchup with DJ?


buktooth LIVES in Plano! :rofl:

the address is on the first post of the DTX thread. I should know; I made it. :wink:

your skill will increase, that’s for sure.:woot:

And yes, it seems that the Unblockables are picking up this game in full force also, so you should have E-Bortion and Dest556 as sparring buddies in Denton.

(sorry to derail the thread) :sweat:

all dread kicks have lower-body invincibility on start-up now; try those against his pokes, especially the short version.


Don’t be as predictable with fireballs, toss out a S.RH instead and catch her off guard, thats about it really. If anybody anticipates your fireball, then its going to be easy for them to get in, chun or not.


…if you’re talking about AA, standing roundhouse isn’t his best option for AA normals…it’s s.strong or s.fierce.

if she jumps over a Max Out, s.strong or s.fierce, like i said in the post above yours.

granted, she’s annoying, but Dee Jay’s really incredibly better with the easier MGU input, dishing out great damage with little execution after a crossup forward kick.


I started using dj since remix came out ZOMG he’s soo much fun to use and I love how almost all of his normals have practical use in most matches. Cr rh, and cr mp are his bnb while st hp is a damn good AA if for some reason I’m standing, crossup mk is obviously pure sex, and cr lp is great for combos.

Landing crossup combos is sooo satisfying and just in general deejay is really solid all around I’m going to stick with him as one of my secondaries so what are his good and bad matchups? I’m having a hard time against claw and and even harder time against honda.