AWRIGHT! A Deejay Thread!


I don’t know why, but it sure is awesome. Especially if you can land a late super combo at the end for extra hits. You gotta love Dee Jay!


I know this is a total neco-post, but just in case anyone’s still looking at this thread… as far as I can tell, deejay was built for double-tapping inputs. ie: drum the button with your middle finger and then your pointer with a tiny gap between–or use your toes; i don’t know what you folks do these days. once you get that down, all his combos are fairly easy. just make sure that if you’re trying to do the st. mp > dread kick you hold down mp so you don’t get a negative-edge air slasher/maxout.


It’s not really required to double tap his inputs, just takes time to learn the timing of his combos, block strings, and counter-hit setups. As far as pianoing the MGU, one popular method is to piano fierce, strong, jab, two times in a row, wait a split second, and then press fierce for the final hit.

Honestly, you can play Deejay to a fairly high level without even mastering his combos. It’s far more important to know how to utilize his normals properly, as well learn the zoning game.


Woo! Other humans! I agree that it’s not required, but when I’m nervous, all hell breaks loose. Double-tapping is just a statistical crutch, but it seems to work. And in ST, you’re right about the MGU; in HDR, though, the timing is super loose. Piano it, absolutely, but the relaxed timing means you can be 7-beers in and still nail 4-hits. I’ve still never hit a 4-hit MGU in ST, and I’ve had a lot of espresso and spent a decent amount of time.

Also, I just want to say cheers to Noriega; I see you posting all over the place (AE akuma forums) and dropping good knowledge.


I’ve recently started to attempt to learn how to double-tap a lot of my critical cancels and links, and I agree that it does help with consistency of execution. I wouldn’t call it necessary, since a lot of good players do quite well without bothering to learn these little execution tricks and techniques.

4-hit MGU is pretty difficult to land in ST, but I think that makes it much more rewarding once you are able to hit it consistently in a heated match.


Also, I scanned the thread, but didn’t see it mentioned: What are my options in the Chun-Li matchup? I know st.Strong will stuff a bunch of her jumpins, but then you’re really just in a fireball match, which is a losing battle as she just gets to build free meter.

jumpin lk seems to stuff most of her stuff in the air, since she has such a huge jump arc (especially off the wall)
in footsies, cr.strong and cr.fierce seem OK, but sort of unreliable.
lk.dread kick seems to do pretty well until chun gets a good read and starts throwing out cr.rh.

what beats her s.Strong? We have a good local chun who can pretty effectively shut me down with simple s.strong/throw pressure. i.e: she’ll even whack me in the startup animation for maxouts. should i be using s.forward more, and trying to stay further back?

i just feel like I’m fundamentally playing this matchup incorrectly.


Also, this is just lulz:

but from this hitbox, maybe will interrupt the s.Strong presure?


Bros, is this combo possible:

cross-up >> cr. jab (2) >> st. mp xx SUPER

I’m making a Dee-Jay guide and want to know if this is at all possible. If yes, can I get a input breakdown? Thanks!


Should be possible…

Could you please disable autoembed on youtube links?

Now I just need that input breakdown (I suck at renda-cancelling and the like). Thanks, Rufus. :slight_smile:


No renda canceling, it’s a regular link to the mp. I have three theories, but no way to test:

  1. Fast input after mp. (I’m not sure if that’s humanly feasible.)
  2. The tail end can be done as down forward, back + mp, forward + k. (I’m not sure if the super input works like that.)
  3. You do toward-back-toward early, timed so that the input window for the special expires, but the one for the super does not, and then just hit mp…k


Is my timing just off? I was getting my cut kicked by a ryu and i abosulutely could not counter his ground jab and or the… fist punching downward thingy he does… Any who, it feels like to me that deejays counter timing is really off compared to ryus shoryuken or something.


Is my timing just off? I was getting my cut kicked by a ryu and i abosulutely could not counter his ground jab and or the… fist punching downward thingy he does… Any who, it feels like to me that deejays counter timing is really off compared to ryus shoryuken or something.




You want might to delete that double post and edit your first post instead of adding to it.

Hard to tell. Ryu’s overhead can be pretty difficult to block or counter online, and he’s able to combo after the hit. Exactly what are you trying to counter and with what move from Deejay?


I have tried all of his moves as a counter. Machine gun punches, dread kicks, and up kicks. In all manner of buttons (heavy, medium, light) and i can never counter those damn things…
Also i hit the edit button on my post but it doesnt give the option to delete?


If you’re just talking about the overhead, you can counter it with a LOT of things. It’s never a true blockstring. If he’s close enough, you can counter with upkicks, throws, short dread kicks, a fast normal. Anything really. The difficulty is whether or not you can see and react to it fast enough online.

The other option is to prevent Ryu from getting that close to you in the first place. If he’s in a positioning to land an overhead, it usually means you got knocked down. As long as you stay on top of your zoning game and learn your anti-air options against Ryu, you should be safe from close range pressure.


I don’t have a problem Upkicking Ryu as DeeJay regardless of whatever his jumping move is, usually.


If the Ryu knows how to safe jump, the upkicks will just whiff over Ryu. Upkicks also tend to have difficulty hitting crouching characters depending on the spacing.


Well, like I said, “usually.” I never count on anything anymore, I’ve seen too much crazy shit.

Good to know that spacing/crouching info though, I’ll keep it in mind, thanks.