AWUK parts

So I just navigated here. Haven’t been here in forever, and noticed they have some nice stuff now: - new metal case yet to be discovered - leave buttons which look suprisinlgly like the start and select buttons in the SF25A stick - bat top handle that looks just like the injustice ones

they also seem to be stocking the ls-32-01-sc but they renamed it to ls-34. also have ls-60 and some suzo 500’s

nice stock

I don’t like that there is no images for the metal fight stick case.
From my experiences those style buttons are terrible.
There bat tops I can’t comment on.

release date says October 31st for the stick. hopefully there’s pictures then. The Rolly leaf swutchws are totally awesome for happ buttons but those on awuk I’m not sure.


TORII is up.

Looks like a modifed KDIT or something.

Bottom quick compartment looks cool.

Decent stick, although seems spensive…

not hating, but i think it’s funny how it has a JLF, but in the picture diagram of the quick release cover it shows a levered switch…

Not a bad design for the actual case, I hate the art.

I willing to bet the diagrams and the stick case was designed before they decided on a Sanwa JLF.

I got the mail re the new stick today - £200! AWUK is too expensive for just about everything. It’s cheaper to buy twelve Sanwa buttons in two colours (i.e. 24) and have them shipped to the UK from Japan than it is to buy 12 mix and match ones from AWUK, as an example.

They also charge £10 (around $16) for clear Sanwa balltops. These cost about £3 tops from Japan.

£21 for an LS32, plus £4.50 shipping. About £12 shipped from Japan.

They have a good range, and I would probably charge these prices if I ran a business with zero domestic competition, but they still bother me.

looks like the stick is on FA now too. i only buy from AWUK when I can’t get it anywhere else.

Case is identical to what KDiT makes and is made to look all Japanese when it is made in Taiwan. Why are KDiT products sold under other names like this case and “FA Nippon”? Why call a Taiwanese product “Nippon”?

Can anyone confirm if this is actually made by KDiT, or if it’s a clone?

Kinda mad how a high-end dual-console stick just seemed to show up out of nowhere.

alainvey, who do you buy from in Japan

anyone know if you could (potientially) buy a diy kit of just the case and other paint colors, at least according to their website ( you can??.. i honestly dunno how to order one though…

I see them on ebay.

can you provide a link please?

Stupid shitty phone auto type. Meant seen* not see. I’ll post when I find another.

This one?


Sanwa have a shop on Rakuten global, and RS-2006 (international distributor for Sanwa and Seimitsu) have one too. Sanwa’s shipping is more expensive.

KDiT makes Torii. Confirmed. I asked them on Facebook.

I hope this clarifies the situation with the Torii stick.
Japroc is the branding name for new collaborations between RSco and KDiT. These companies have created a collaboration that has brought a number of fun products to the community already.
A consistent brand, like Japroc, is a great move to providing customers clear information about the products they are buying.