Aww hell I lost my av


For some reason I can’t find that stupid k-fed pic anywhere to merely crop it and have my old awesome av back, also it seems the only thing that has the old one saved on it is a computer that i dont feel like hooking up merely to retrieve a 100x160 image (though I am coming close)

I am going through Federline withdrawl, so ifn any of yall wanna throw me up a Bombastic K-fed av I would be quite happy

or this can go ignored and convince me to hook up a computar machine

latez <3


Do you want some flashy animation effects or gfx innit?

I’ll work on it a bit later today. :smile:


I suggest a Darth Vader theme for K-fed. Like maybe it’d be possible to have Vader’s helmet on him while he can still be recognized as being Kevin Federline.

Perhaps half Vader helmet such as my current av


that would be pretty barrer rorerskates


First two avs comin’ up! With more later tonight.

Hope these are decent enough.


Haha those rule, only keep goin ifn ya want I am not a greedy man


And a few more:

Managed to also try #7’s suggestion. How did it turn out? Well, see for yourself. :looney:

Enjoy, Boel! :bgrin:



Ima save em all


Awesome job Loler! :tup:


I’ma cop this one, thanks. :smokin:


Better get rid of the image in the quote tags before you get infracted, #7.

Also, glad you liked 'em Boel and thanks savaii.



And yeah good work on 'em. Obviously I have the best one. Thanks again.

I assume Boel or yourself doesn’t mind that I wear it of course. If one minds, I’ll take it down.


Don’t mind it myself, feel free to use it. Dunno about Bole, but I’d bet he won’t mind much either. :smile:


Oh no its all good, I got freakin months worth of avs here


And easy money.