Aww man, this shouldn't be this hard! Guy sfa3 bushin chain

I really feel kinda dumb for this. I’ve been trying at it and I can only get two hits, the third punch only comes when I hit both the med and hard rather quickly… I’ve been practicing for an hour and a half or so… Is this the right way to do it? how do you sfa3 guy players manage to do it? I swear it’s probably something obvious execution wise that I’m missing. Once I get this down I can finally get started on learning a Rushdown Guy!

I only play charlie so I cant really help you there. Just practice on the timing. I was fuckin’ around with it a long time ago and I got it down after a few tries. Maybe I’ll have to fire up a3 and check that out.

is that where you link chain the Light/Medium/Hard/P/K in ssf4 It was hard for me but i pushed the buttons faster than i thought i needed to then i found the timing.

Yeah. I need the timing. It’s “light ( slightpause) mediumhard” from what I’ve been doing. After that I need to learn to go into kick. should ask valle next time he’s on. or xenozip. or kyokuji.

Sure, ask one of them. Maybe they’ll show you. That kyokuji dude never says nothing, just stomps me in the ground.

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it’s a timing thing. I’ll go & check it out later when I go home.

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