Axe kick combo



Hello! A newbie evil ryu player asking for some help! As I try to do close Standing HP, MK Axe Kick (Ryusokyaku), crouching LP, I tend get the 2 hit combo before I can input the crouching light punch to make it a 3 hit combo. Sometimes I get the 3 hit combo but not really consistently. I know practice is the main thing but I still get a 2 hit combo even I try to input it really fast. any tips? thank you!


In training mode, go to “training options”. Go to the second option “guard”. Scroll right until it says “auto block”.


It’s a one frame link, not about inputting as fast as you can.
Look up plinking, it’ll make hitting these consistently much more realistic.


Well he said cr. LP and not cr. MP, so that’s actually a 2f link instead of 1(although Rufus is the exception). As for hitting that link, I found that their are 2 cues, audio and visual. If you go by the audio cue, Evil Ryu does a loud grunt during the axe kick, press cr. LP or MP as soon as the grunt ends. When he stomps the ground, their is also a big cloud of dust and that’s the visual cue. You have to wait until the cloud of dust completely disperse and immediately hit cr. LP or cr. MP to hit the link. Consistently hitting it at exactly the right time isn’t easy, I’ve been practicing for years and I’m still around 70% in real matches(online though). But keep it up if you want to get better at it.