Axis NorCal Marvel Results

1st. The Wilder Beast a.k.a Chunkstaaaaaaaa
2nd. Crizz-Beatz The Monsta
3rd. CJ a.k.a See Jay The Show Stopper
4th. Tinh Ngoooooooooo

This tournament was craaaaazy. Crizzle vs Tinh BOTH TIMES were hella dummy!!!
And right afhter crizzle murphed tinh 2-0, See Jay the show stoooppper sent crizzle to losers.

Crizzle came back through losers beating Tinh again in losers, 2-0. losers finals, Crizzle vs See Jay ended as 3-2 crizzle.

I dont remember much of the actual finals, i know crizzle beat chunk 1st set. then the grand finals were 3-2 Chunk. chunk was gettin mollywhopped, so last and final game he switched to msp. crizzle double snapped him, but somehow the wilder beast got his luck on, and fucking psylocke and magneto both left the screen instead of psylocke just falling to the groundto get launched to death

i also know John Choi beat ricky in cvs2 grand finals. i thin buk got 3rd. And Ricky ortizzle fuckin mollywopped emphy in the the finals of 3s. like it was hella bad lol poor emphy. =[

good shit chunk!

the show stopper gettin’ third… good job top 4

do this really need 2 thread?

thanks for bumping

was the speed up during thiss? cuz damn these guys moving fasssssssst

chunk vs crizzle part 1 [media=youtube]LYfaF36dwU0[/media]

part 2 [media=youtube]h-nLTGt4Q60&feature=related[/media]

chunk and crizzle looking REAL SERIOUSSS

we da besssssssst

Dayum, how do they do it? Magic?

Great vids

did you really need to make some faggot ass thread about a 3s 5on5 where it’s not even the best in the US going to be on the team, just a bunch of people using characters you like? fuckin’ homo. go back to gamefaqs. whenever you come back to stockton, please let me know. so you can say all that shit you said when you negged me to my face. kthx

and dont ever post in a thread i make. ever. you gotta be at leasy 4’6 to post in my threads, shortty.

The only reason there are 2 threads is because he beat me to it, so if anything it is my fault…I didnt get to sleep till about 3 and was passed out all the next day lol.

those vids are nice

Man crizzle is insane, big ups to chunk too. :0

gs everyone

crizzle still got that fire

Korngo stop beasting.

It’s because he missed his psylocke. i don’t think she got hit.

Emphy was never serious if I remember, just dominated for free.
Him and ricky always had some good games, suprised he got whooped

good shit chunk