AxisGaming Guest List

Hey Guys,
This is Travis from Axis Gaming, and were getting very close to opening the
doors at our first event on May 10th 2008! That being said we could use some
help from the community. In order to get an Idea of the number of players were going to encounter we would appreciate it if anyone who is planning on coming post in this thread or send us an E-Mail at

If you are planning on going to this event but still not 100% sure if you can make it we encourage to put your name down here anyways so that we can get a more solid idea of what kind of turnout we are looking at.

Theres no format really, but please help us with the Following Info:
-Who you are: First Name and Last initial, Gamertag or Srk Name
-Where You’re From: General Area (city)
-What Tournaments you plan on playing in (if any)
-If anyone is coming with you (this includes Girlfriends, kids and people who aren’t going to play, they’re all welcome!)


Axis - Travis N, Danville - Playing in all 3 Tournaments

People Im bringing: 2 Friends who will play casuals only

Thanks and Hope to see you there!

-Travis :: AxisGaming

patmonsta from modesto playin in 2 tournaments

kingkau from valljo playing mvc2 tourney and causal.

Su from Oakland, entering MVC2 and coming with only one soul.


Around 10-15 People

nima partovi from martinez, im bringing like 4 people.

Lucien from Walnut Creek, entering third strike, will bring about 2 people. If brawl is the 4th game I will also enter that and will probably bring 10+ people.

Its a wrap:rock:

Matt S. - aka TEK - Fairfield - entering Mvc2

not positive i will make it though

CHuCKy Richmond ca gooniez squad! Mvc2

Alex De Sousa - San Jose, CA - Entering MvC2

Goonie M.O.B. Squad

Korngo a.k.a Kurf Talk - Concord, CA - Entering MvC2 and CvS2. Maybe 3s

GMS - Goonie M.O.B Squad

I’ll be there. I am one of the 10-15 peepz. :smokin:

Ill be there!!

Black Rob will also be in attendance.

niders c. bringing 2-3 ppl??? 3s, cvs2 and… VF5!!

Mizuki, from Union City, entering one game. Possibly bringing a friend or two.

Rei Song from Berkeley, entering MvC2… possibly bringing 2-3 friends

Frisco from the 707
for SF3-Ken
and bringing along 3 guys for casuals

Tyram - Tyler Ramil

Location: Fairfield Ca
playing in 3s, cvs2, and mvc2

coming with 2 people so far