Axl vs L.Raptor


Did this some time ago. Still very busy n lazy at the moment so can’t produce much fanarts… so sad. I don’t think I’ll be entering the udon contest. :frowning: Well anyway here it is. Still dunno how to fully utilize PS… but I’m learning I guess…

And here’s an added bonus…

Critics n comments welcomed.:slight_smile:






the darkstalker community gonna like it dude !!


Man this isn’t no firecracker this is dynamite. Very nice pose and drawing. Finally some more stuff by you. I’d say make axl lowes chain scythe bigger for more action and the blade running more to the west side. Overall nothing else to say, but post some more man.


what is Le Malta doing ???


Hey Mr Twelve, do you have an online gallery anywhere?


Thanks ppl…

Heh you’re too kind man. Seeing your Sagat/Guy work really gave me inspiration to draw more. Now that’s a quality work. And thanks for the suggestions too…:smiley: Yeh it would look better with a more dynamic scythe shot.
Umm… Le Malta is… checking out Axl’s ass? Eh I’m not sure. I just put him there just for the sake of cameo appearance n to fill up space. And thanks for the links… but looks so complicated… and I feel so lazy to post there too.:smiley:

Here you go…


I could’ve sworn I replied to this post already… scratches head

Great stuff, man. Simply love the dynamic composition and the vibrant colors. Only nitpick would be that the motion of his arm doesn’t quite result in the wepon moving towards Raptor.

it’s really awesome. Eacgerly awaiting your next piece :wink:


Dude wheres Holhorse! :stuck_out_tongue:


Gah, I thought I replied to this too. slaps self

I love the coloring method you’re using on these. Very unique looking. The first pic is a cool action pose too. I love the girl pic though. If I could, I’d like to use that on my upcoming Gallery site. Anyway, keep up the good work my friend. :smiley:


Great composition on the VS pic.:slight_smile:
And i like the girl.:slight_smile: