AZ Championships Results


1-Peter Rosas
2-Daniel R. (Ruin)
3-Carlos Belgrave
4-Joe Elles

1-Mike Watson
2-Jason Wilson
3-Peter Rosas
4-Joe Jennings

1-Danny Leong
2-Mike Watson
3-Jason Gonzalez (Apoc)
4-Jason Wilson

1-Peter Rosas
2-Alex Navarro
3-Kris Patel
4-Mike Watson

1-Mike watson
2-Peter Rosas
3-Danny Leong
4-Jason Wilson

1-Scott Bender (Sabre)
2-Peter Rosas
3-Geoff Arnold
4-Neil Atkin (CigarBob)

1-Kris Patel
2-Mike Watson
3-Jason Wilson
4-Jason Deheras (Shirts)

For any of you that care, Soctt infinited his way to victory in XMEN vs SF. I got 5th in CVS2, and I am owned by Combofiend for life. Dan Lite upset Alex Navarro in A3, Alex beat Kenny Wong in A3, then had to leave for the airport. Neil likes men, and Watson put two holes in Shirts’ pants, ok thx.


BTW, I did not enter ST cuz I was sicker than a dog that day…



How many entered each tourney?


I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to make the trip and come play in the desert, it is much appreciated.

 Have a great day and see you next go around. 

robb = )


it was an alright tourney…i got to meet combof., alex N., apoc, and wats. for the first time…i wanted to play Dreamtr…but never got the chance so yeah…but the main problem were the sticks… :lame: :lame: :lame: …well whatever good play and lates!!!


Yeah. How many per tourney?


Who was the overall winner?


looks like watson dude has top 4 in 5 games and he won 2.


Judging by the scores that Wilson put up, it’s between Watson and ComboFiend.


1st for MvC2
1st for CvS2
2nd in 3S
2nd in XSF
3rd in ST

1st in ST
1st in 3s
2nd in A2
2nd in A3
4th in CvS2

I don’t know how the points were scored - like does Peter get more because CvS2 and MvC2 prolly had bigger turnouts? Or is it just based on rankings?

As it stands now my guess is that peter won, all because of ST!! LOL. Good job shirts!! Deheras owes Watson $1000!

Derek Daniels


hello all, i enjoyed my time running the tourneys…of course the sticks sucked, but whatever…:frowning: …anywho, id like to thank all those ppl that showed up for this thing…and all those ppl who “claimed” they were gonna show, but at last second, canceled (a regular phenomenon amoungs certain ppl i play with)…good job to those to entered.

TOOTALL: sorry about the comment man, i was just kinda pissed off, i didnt really mean that…bottom line is: you executed well and i didnt, you deserved to win, and i had no problem with that…i was definitley more upset at myslef than anything else, you are a good player and deserve the respect you earn…and again,i apologize, and i hope we get a rematch someday in a tourney:D :cool:

NEIL: YOU SUCK!!!LOLOLOLOLOLOL JK man, you didnt get me that box:(

SABRE: im jacking your combo:p

DAN: you should have beat that one dude, but you did well, mean-ass v-sim:o

GEOFF: work sucks!!!

JOE: start playing again hehehe



WATSON-overall winner

now, if the bigger tourneys were in question, CVS2 wouldnt have been one of them…watson beat out peter by 6pts, very close race, equal points counted for all games, and bonus pts awarded to those who entered alll the games


well my thoughts.

i had fun with what we got. i was extremely dissapointed with a lot of people tho. mainly a lot of the AZ community. 90% of whom are mvc2 junkies. they were so excited about this super big tourney cuz it has all these games, yet as soon as mvc2 was over(which was the first tournament of 7 BTW), almost all of em took off and didnt even support this thing. they show support for mvc2 and pretty much said fuckoff to the rest of the tourney, an. and all the fools that really wanted this tourney only showed and probably hope to expect this type of tourney will happen again. no support whatsoever from our AZ community. the most, there was only 5-8 people roughly from AZ that even stayed at the tourney to support this event. even the guys the dont play mvc2 happily supported the mvc2 AZ guys and some even played. cuz we give a damn. but we dont get it back. but thats ok, i see how it is

you mvc2 guys, always say you want a stronger community and want it to grow, yet why dont you fucking come to the tournaments to support it? try to enter atleast 1 other game. or stay there and hang out to support your community players that actually play the other games, build some relations with the out of state guys and stuff like that. you guys are the majority when it comes to the AZ scene since mvc2 is the big game. yet it just seems that some of you are all talk about how you want the community to grow. i wont mention no names tho, i shouldnt have to.

props to rich, neil, dan, too tall, sebastian, diante, carlos, jedirobb, aaron, and even jad, for supporting this tourney and the local players. sorry if i forgot any names.

all the flakes really upset me. some of the cali guys really upsetted me like skillmatic and whoever was coming with him. for one, he begged for us to change the schedule for xmvsf, and after a couple days, it got rescheduled. as a result of changing the schedule, it made the tourney more cramped on time, but we did it for those guys, and what happens? last minute they decide to not fucking go. what kind of dumb shit is that? i think i heard like 4 different excuses friday night on irc on why they were bailing. and honestly, i thought they were crappy excuses. word of advice, dont fucking beg to change tourney schedules if you arent guarunteed to go and waste our time.

and then we have local players who totally flaked out on the whole tourney alltogether. you know who you are. all excited about this shit and then not show? and i know you got the weekend off, everyone knows. show up to the local tourneys every week and then not the big tourney with tougher comp? guess fools are too scared to get beat down. who cares anyway, just go and have some fucking fun and swallow your “i hate losing, im embarrassed when i lose” pride.

and only 3 cvs2 AZ players? granted, game sucks balls but damn, i know theres more than 3 that actually play the game and do decent.

the NORCAL tournament was a problem too. nothing against choi. but that tournament took quite a few players away since sc2 regionals were on that day, and ended up turning into a big capcom tournament since everyone was going. that made a big mess.

the sticks werent all that either. the new cabinet we got was a peice of shit. buttons didnt work for shit when you hit 2 or more at the same time. during a3 tourney, couldnt get vc’s to activate most of the time, and when i got em to come out, i couldnt complete a single vc, which was very sad. i could have played hella better, and it makes me look bad especially after all the smack talk i had going with watson and shit and it ended up being a disaster. granted, if we faced eachother in the tourney, he would have beat me, but i know we could get some good fights. but not on those sticks. and we didnt even get to have our challenge.

positives were getting to see all my homies again, its been a while. it was good to see the vegas crew, watson, Combofiend, Alex N., dreamTR, shirts, kp, and everyone else. its been a while. granted the tourney went to shit, but we made the most out of it and there was still some solid comp. and even if the sticks had worked, the a3 tourney player linup was extra solid. everyone had to work to get their victories. thats was probably the toughest tourney of the weekend, and one of the tougher a3 tourneys that has happened in a long time. everyone was crazy good.

suprisingly, xmvsf was fun this time around in a tourney format. i never liked this game on a serious level since its too broken. but there was still solid play. combofiend played hella good. and i knew he was struggling on that cabinet especially towards the end. and hes using mag/storm mainly so its hella joystick and ppp dependant. he transferred over some mvc2 tricks and stuff very well. good enough to get 2nd and send me to losers bracket. our winners finals match was so close, he won 3-2 with a pixel of life left. which was probably the only time during the whole 2 day tournament where the crowd got loud. really intense good fight. then we faced eachother in the finals. i think he won the first 2 games, i won the next 2, he wanted to switch sides, and i won the next 2 games to win first set 4-2 i believe? then i swept second set 4-0. a couple times he used cyclops/storm since charlie handles magneto pretty easily IMO. i used wolvie/charlie mainly, and i used cyke/charlie in the first couple games in the first set. good games tho.

st was a vega assraping. the whole ST tourney was a vega fest. i think half the players were vega users. i got raped by every single one except rich’s :smiley: but he still made it hard. and got raped by watson, but he sucks so it dont count huhuhuh:D nothin’ but love for ya bro!

a2, eh nothing new here really. its a2, same shit everytime. kp just breezed through it to win.

cvs2, combofiend, i swear, doesnt know what defending is. cuz hes to busy beating you to a bloody pulp with his stooopid pokes and corner lockdown of death with chunli. never knew how good the lightning kicks were in that game. way too good bro.

mvc2 had good fights. combofiend just going crazy and doing dumb resets to get the kills quick lol. our guys weren’t ready for all those reset setups.

a3, first time i ever got really upset about how i played. i never get mad when i play. but i did this time. but shit happens. happened at the wrong time. but nothing to be done about it. but it was still a ridiculously tough A3 tourney. and sim air throw owns me all fucking day. FUUUUUUCKKKKKKKK A3 SIM! congrats to danny L. for winning a3 and taking out watson. good fights. danny, you know we gotta get together and play more often.

thanks to the people that actually supported the tourney. its appreciated. a nice “SCREW YOU” to the people that said they cared about the community but didnt bother to support. my apologies to wilson and everyone that traveled a long distance to come to a tourney with a seriously dismal showing and average sticks. my sincere apologies. but i thank you guys for coming out to play and to hang out and bullshit. its really appreciated. highly ambitious tournament, but only had a decent tournout for mvc2. go figure.



KP, man, i didnt even get to show you the good shit. i never got a chance too. i couldnt pull anything off. maybe ill make a tape for you to xcopy. how bout that buddy?


like the mike’s hard lemonade commercial: “I’D MUCH APPRECIATE THAT.”:smiley:


lololol. mmMMmm that sounds good. neil and i were thinking about making a tape for a3 with dumb vc’s and wacky setups. ill let you know. you on aim?

if anyone cares, my aim is kig0d <— thats a zero in the name


So did anything good or exciting happen in CvS 2, like mad roll cancelling or was it straight boring low fierce all day matches?? hehe Details pleeeease!! :smiley:


Well Scott there ARE a lot of MvC2 junkies that don’t play any other game for CRAP. I am starting to become one of them, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the other games. I left on saturday after the Marvel tourney, cause my ride was leaving. Being stranded isn’t fun, you know? Besides, I even came BACK as soon as I could to watch whatever else was going on, but I didn’t even get to stay that long, cause my mom came and picked me up. I hadn’t been home in 4 days, so as soon as she found out where I was she came and got me… nothin I could do. Yesterday, sunday, you don’t know how bad I wanted to go and watch A3 and XvSF cause I used to play those games all the time in Mexico. I didn’t have any money, so I couldn’t have entered any of those games anyway. I had to borrow money from random people just to enter MvC2 on Saturday. Now I know you don’t know all of this… you just see me leaving 1 hour after marvel, then not showing again for the rest of the tourney. But there’s a reason for me leaving… I think you know I don’t just play marvel all the time… I like playin A3 and getting owned by AZ’s elite, and I always wanna play XvSF with you guys(WHICH YOU NEVER DO) but its all good… just don’t jump to conclusions about everyone man. I WANTED to be there. Just couldn’t.

Congrats to Peter Rosas for owning everyone in marvel…

Scott for owning in XvSF, also I expected to see you up there in A3 man… I don’t know what was wrong with the sticks, I guess I’m used to them cause I go to DS a lot. but I know you can do better fool.

Mad props to everyone who won their respective tourneys and so on and so forth… (I just wanted to post to Scott so I’m not gonna brown nose)



That’s just great. I finished top 5 in all 4 games that I played (I would have played A3 and CvS2 if not for fucking Splinter Cell) and I don’t even get a mention from anyone. =/ That’s alright though, cause in the words of Matt, “Dood, I am the suck man!”

Thanks to the Cali guys and Vegas crew for coming all this way to play us.

Some major points of my tourney experience:

Mike Watson had to pick Ryu on me to win in ST. =) Match came down to the last round of the last game. This is special for me since I grew up in the ST scene idolizing him. Good games Mike! Too bad you fucking cheat at A2 and you eat super sonic booms all day…

Peter is a funny guy with a great sense of humor and has skillz all around. Too bad I didn’t get the chance to talk to him much. Maybe next time.

Danny played really well in 3S. I’m surprised that I even got as far as I did. Too bad I had to play him twice and didn’t get any more experience.

Vic: It was good seeing you again. I wish you could have been there earlier to give me moral support. Maybe I could have beaten Scott. Who knows? You still own us all for free…

Fun times. Hope to see you guys again soon, but I think I may be getting too old to play SF now. Me and Dan should retire…


jared: yes i know this. dont get me wrong i understand. but why didnt you ask any of us for a ride? out of all those people, i guaruntee you would of had a ride. i would have assured it man. but you didnt ask. would i have liked it more if you entered more games? of course. but i dont expect that considering its a lot of money. not even i could enter all games. i entered most but even i had my limits. just the moral support of the community is very welcome. you know as well as i know that a lot of people dont really care. cuz that arcade was empty most of the time. thats why im not naming names. i know some people have greater priorities. i totally understand that. but theres other guys that i know that all they do is play on the weekends and have nothing better to do that just dont show the support for the community that they “want” to make better but dont put forth the effort. you know what im saying? people i see at ds throughout the whole weekend werent even there to be found once mvc2 boards were taken out of the cabinets. yeah they’ll support mvc2, but not the community. they say they will support the community, but its a lie. they will only support mvc2. and 1 game isnt gonna make it bigger and stronger cuz there a people that are diverse in the other capcom games as well. see where im coming from dood?


ya i got no prob supporting the community and all but i was also busy sat too. that’s y jared left too cause i was his ride…im sorry if i wasnt there but my family only has one vehicle so i had to be home for my dad to use it. we came back to DS as soon as my dad got back so we could see what was left. i would of liked to enter more tourneys but i was stressed for money. the xmen vs sf game looks hella cool and i wouldnt mind learning it, but no one ever plays when im around. i like 3rd strike but i had to be home so i couldnt try to enter:(
so sorry if me and jared made a bad impression but we were there as much as we could be.