AZ kaillera people

anyone from AZ plays on kaillera?


only 1? wow where in AZ and what games?

Have u forgotten that im from AZ. Tucson AZ that is if u care, hehe.

Yo if you all are in the mesa/phoenix area hit up the local forums for some real comp.

I live in Mesa/gilbert (east side) and have an arcade cabinet with ST, A3, VampSav, A1 and XvSF if any of you are local.

I am having a gathering on the 21st of January to get ready for the Jan 28th tourny out by Metro Center (dunlap and I-17). PM me if you are intrested in coming over saturday for some games.


Yeah, I play on Kaillera. I’m in Tempe. I only really play Street Fighter Alpha 3, though, so I don’t really participate much in those sorts of things.

Roogle if you live in tempe you are only about 15min from me and I do have the Street Fighter Alpha 3 arcade baord and we do play that. If you want to get some real comp PM me and ill give you all the details.


cool, I am from Glendale, AZ. I’ve been playing on the keyboard so much that my controller skills have slowed down.