AZ Rising Phoenix Tournament Results

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Guilty Gear XX

1 Ruin NV
2 XenoTiger NV
3 Hang CA
5 Josh NV
5 Matt NV
7 Dan AZ
7 John CA
9 Aaron AZ
9 Punker AZ
9 Sabre AZ
9 Spiteful AZ
13 TooTall AZ
13 Guccimane NV
13 Billy AZ
13 Scott Rios AZ
17 Lynks AZ
17 Maudee NV
17 Nick S AZ
17 Jedi AZ
17 Seth AZ

Tekken 5

1 Joemer AZ
2 Dan AZ
5 Jan AZ
5 Billy AZ
7 Jake AZ
7 Sabre AZ
9 Leonard AZ
9 Rod AZ
9 Chris NV
9 Maudee NV
13 Bye
13 Jedi AZ
13 Bryson AZ
13 Punker AZ

Street Fighter 3S

1 Yi-Wang CA
2 DannyL CA
3 Aye-Hood CA
4 Shogo CA
5 Josh NV
5 Sabre AZ
7 Hang CA
7 XenoTiger NV
9 Guccimane NV
9 Angelo NV
9 Punker AZ
9 TooTall AZ
13 Garoob AZ
13 Ruin NV
13 Billy AZ
17 Lynks AZ
17 Jedi AZ
17 Spiteful AZ
17 Dan AZ
17 allen NV
17 neil AZ

Marvel Vs Capcom 2

1 Ruin NV
2 Duck JR. CA
3 Hang CA
4 Joe AZ
5 allen NV
5 Carlos AZ
7 Aaron AZ
7 Josh NV
9 Bryson AZ
9 Billy AZ
9 Jedi AZ
9 Lynks AZ
13 Bye
13 Dan AZ
13 Arush AZ

Capcom Vs SNK 2

1 Dan AZ
2 John CA
3 XenoTiger NV
4 Matt NV
5 DannyL CA
5 Ronnie AZ
7 Ruin NV
7 Punker AZ
9 Jedi AZ
9 Jasper NV
9 Big Rob AZ
13 Sabre AZ

Good job to my NCAA bros Duc Jr. and Hang and to Yi for takin 3s.

Great tournament…

If i have a chance, i’ll move to AZ for sure, where the people are too nice, the girls are too hot.

special thanks to Lnyks for being such a dope host.

Tekken 5 was all AZ except for 2? Dang.

Great tourney though, hope more people come next time.

Team Mvc2 results

1st allen/ruin
2nd hang/ducjr
3rd joe/carlos

all i remember >_<!

good shit hang and ducjr!!

Good shit to all the AZ players, and also to RUIN!!! and the vegas crew yall are hella cool, LINKS: Thanks for the housing champ :tup: :clap: and running the tourney much appreciated

Duc really is a boss ;(! aint no lie and that man can eat! So he can hang with vegas we roll with eaters.

good games. i had too much fun in arizona except it was so hot. desert storm rollercoaster is ownage. was a crazy trip, wont ever forget it.

thanks to all the AZ people, especially lynks and sabre for running the tourney and accomodating us and what not. nice meeting you all. danny, good games see you soon. ruin, nice shoes, see you at evo. raff thanks for the stick.

5star, fuck you need to calm down fucking beasting on 3s like someone just let you out of a fucking cage O_O! I’m holding you to what you said so you best take 1st at evo :]!

Stay up killer :]

good shit

Great tourny!..we had a fun time in AZ!

Thanx to the AZ crew for a great event and everyone for the good games!

See ya at ranking battle or at Evo! :tup:

i hope we werent too scrubby in 3s for you guys =)