AZ Showdown In The Desert Results

Sorry for the late post guys. Was hella tired after the tourney and crashed hard as soon as i got home. I just wanna thank all the socal, vegas, CO. and other out of towners for coming out and making this event happen. It turned out to be a really good event IMO. I think the only real problem we had to deal with was only one board per game. But we still finished amazingly, even with cvs2 set at best 2of3 thru the whole tourney. I will assure that we will have atleast another cvs2 and 3s board the next time for this turnout. I also wanna thank Jeff & his whole CnC staff for putting up with us and our shenanigans and letting this happen. I also wanna thank lynks for being the main person getting this whole thing setup and helping me hype the tourney up. Thanks to Carlos for coming thru like a G to hand draw a 64 man bracket for 3S and doing excellent job on it to make running 3s brackets extremely clean. thanks to too tall, luda, jedi robb, horacio, and mario, allen for helping run other brackets when needed, help collecting money or to call out names on the horn (yeah you know the horn was fun, mario had too much fun with that). I hope the sticks were ok for everyone. I know we had issues with marvel early on, but i believe it got fixed pretty fast before tourney started. i know cvs2 and mvc2 cabinets are a little cramper on the sticks. gonna try to aleviate that problem (luckily, not too many big people). And i dunno if people had major issues with #r button layout(?) Lemme know please. I might just try and see if they can get a flat 6 button layout standard since everyone is used to that. They were trying to go for the japanese style layout, and was done decently. But it seems like people got used to it quickly from what i saw. Hopefully some t5, 3s, and cvs2 vids go up soon courtesy of bacardi and true tech. those 2 are definitely the homies for kicking down a camera to record matches, and generally 2 cool ass fools.

Next time, it will be better, more boards, more space. etc. its getting better every tourney. who knows, maybe even newer titles like slash or hokuto no ken? we’ll see. definitely thanks for everyone coming and helping try to keep arcade fighting alive. thanks again!

Anyways, results:

ggxx #r (20 players):

  1. Ruin
  2. Combofiend
  3. Peter Suh (Xenotiger)
  4. Mario (youcanwonder)
  5. Raff (
  6. Russel
  7. Phobos
  8. Max (spiteful)
  9. Josh L.
  10. Tootall
  11. Danny Leong
  12. SF Punker
  13. Nick S.
  14. Hydra632
  15. Hammer Frenzy
  16. Japan3gro
  17. Anthony
  18. Roy M.
  19. Wes
  20. Ryan J.

CVS2 (25 players) This is all I can make out accurately from the sloppy bracket caretaking:

  1. Combofiend
  2. Evil Elvis
  3. Alex Valle
  4. Dash
  5. Phobos
  6. Watson
  7. Dan Lite
  8. Jason Cole
  9. Danny L
  10. Roch
  11. SaBrE

MVC2 (23 players):

  1. Ruin (whuta jerk with 2 1st place finishes!)
  2. Potter
  3. Combofiend
  4. Dash
  5. Bill
  6. Allen
  7. Charlie Goblyn
  8. Mike Watson
  9. Bobby Moore
  10. Joe (digital fox)
  11. Lynks
  12. Josh (Josh L? never saw initial)
  13. Alex Valle
  14. Billy Moore
  15. Alex
  16. JediRobb
  17. Horacio (Yoshi)
  18. Japan3gro (you slackin off foo! please get top 20 at evo2k5 then go 2-0 here hugz)
  19. Ryan
  20. Russel
  21. Bacardi
  22. OSM

Tekken 5.1 (24 players): Best I could make out accurately. Someoneelse gonna need to decipher.

  1. Paul (dunno online name, local player, he cheated tho playing in shinjuku for a year =).)
  2. Alex Valle
  3. PedoPhile Vic
  4. Billy Moore
  5. Samy
  6. Fred

Super Turbo (16 players):

  1. Dirty Cole
  2. Watson
  3. Valle
  4. Joey ZAZZA
  5. CigarBOB
  6. Andy
  7. Danny L.
  8. Roch
  9. Roy
  10. Ghetto D.
  11. Bacardi Jedi
  12. SaBrE
  13. Rob F.
  14. Rich (Kenshiro)
  15. SF Punker
  16. Jesse (thisguilekillya)

3s (38 Players)

  1. Mike Watson (ken sa3)
  2. Alex Valle (ken sa3, ryu sa3, makoto sa1)
  3. Combofiend (elena, remy)
  4. Dirty Cole (urien)
  5. Danny L (akuma)
  6. Peter Suh (ken)
  7. SaBrE (akuma, oro)
  8. Dash (chunners)
  9. Tootall (necro)
  10. Drage (ken i think)
  11. Ruin (yun)
  12. Ghetto D (alex sa2)
  13. Josh L
  14. MAX (spiteful)
  15. Dan Lite
  16. Phobos
  17. Abe
  18. Wes
  19. Sebastian
  20. Fred
  21. Rich C.(Kenshiro)
  22. SF Punker
  23. Roy H. (Hitman Striker)
  24. Russel
  25. Lynks
  26. Mario
  27. Jorge
  28. Roy M.
  29. Bacardi Jedi
  30. Billy Moore
  31. JediRobb
  32. Andy
  33. Jesse (thisguilekillya)
  34. Potter
  35. Lee
  36. True Tech
  37. Hydra
  38. Tyson

props to all my wc/az/ruinland peeps

special note, Zazza hails from London, got 2nd place at London Absolution Finals (very close matches with Daigo), not Cali joezaza. sup zazza.

and aaron is just chilling for evo2k6 aka 1984 olympics

potter didnt win? 0.o

thanks guys for coming out here,good to see all of you guys there

3s finals were fucken sick,watson and valle back and fourth

bill is the best dressed male alive

well thats it

Looks like it was a lot of fun… Watson and Valle are fucking crazy! Bacardi/TrueTech, when do you think the videos’ll be ready?

Who did Valle use in the finals? Ken?


PS: Watson better not be driving the Acura cough

Potter is hella good, but Ruin was on fire last night. Both of Potters losses were to Ruin.

My boy phobos got 5th. good job!

Good shit to all the Arizona peeps, thanks for making us feel welcome.

Special thanks to Dan for showing us the joint and Tommy for lets us crash at his pad and for his hospitality.

You fools are hella kool, take care

Peace Out!!

good shit ruin and valle.

also good shit to the CO crew. holding it down with 25th and 33rd place finishes, respectively.

true, ruin served me up pretty bad

Wow, True_Tech is making me scared of our match at evo. ROFL.

Horrible. He needs to learn to play Street Fighter, and then maybe some Yun.

Wow, Neily getting top 5 in ST. Dayum. And my homie Scooter getting Top 8 in 3S. Double Dayum!

Any Alpha 3 madness?

Was a chill tourney. My first AZ tourney, will definately hit up the next one. I need to get back into CVS2 and up my game in 3s to handle Shotos. Shotos = 3s cheese =P

Peeps at AZ are chill. Need more fools in ST though , brotha needs to get paid LOL :wink:


PS. Cigarbob, when will those ST vids be out? You to True_tech, get on the ball with the 3s vids!!!

cole: thanks for the props. im glad you had fun. hopefully next time you guys can chill for a whole weekend and go do some shit out in tempe, drinking and what not.

Nice results! Good job to all the placers! Props and shout outs to Peter, Warren, Dash, and Cole!
Cole:ST needs more up and coming, CVS2 is marque and 3S seems to be the future!

Big thxs, to Dan and tommy, you guy’s are really cool, Dan good shit in the tourney, hope next time we can have that first to five, Big thxs to tommy for letting me stay at your place, the cvs2 set up is gonzo. It was fun playing you for like 30 games till 7am, you should really think about entering tournies.

Thxs to all the az peeps that showed me some love.


ggs to everyone. especially to warren and cole, damn you guys, lol.
good shit to bill for driving on immortal status. thanks to carlos for letting me crash on his couch for a couple of hours. shoutouts to “big” aaron, potter, bill, and dentron for making the trip fun.

  • james (i think i got 9th in cvs2)

great seeing everyone again esp the dips and all the az family. Can’t forget the vegas cats aka bape crew <3

Fucken Wes is THE NICEST.

didnt wanna give my srk name out cuz it sounds kinda wierd when u pronounce it :rofl: