AZ Thread. hAZbats start this saturday! 1/21. Check First posts

hAZbat season 1 dates and info:

Haz’s Place
8203 S 53rd ave
Laveen, AZ

Januarary 7th
Januarary 21st
Febuarary 4th
Febuarary 18th
March 3rd

Below is a timeline guide on how the tournament will flow. Depending on the size of the tournament it may run longer, but it will not start earlier then what is listed. (there may be small changes but expect this):

2:00pm-3:45pm Will be casuals and signups for Both Games.
4:00pm-7:00pm SSF4AE-2012
6:00pm-9:00pm UMVC3

Each ranbat tournament will cost** $5 to enter per game** and of course there is the** $5 venue fee **(only pay this once even if you sign up for both games) to help with the cost of bills, drinks, food that Haz so graciously provides!
$1 of the $5 will go to the ranbat pot with the remaing $4 going into that specific tournaments pot.
At the end of the tournamnet the top three will be paid out in a 60/30/10 split.
At the end of the season the top three point holds will be paid from the ranbat pot in a 60/30/10 split.
Each Ranbat tournament is a double elimination style bracket with Losers/Winners/Grand Finals being three of five games all others are two of three.

For winning a ranbat tourmanet not only do you get prize money right away but you are awarded points going towards the ranbat pot.
The point break down is as follows (for each game):

1st place recieves 7pts
2nd place recieves 5pts
3rd place recieves 3pts
4th place recieves 2pts
5th-8th recieve 1pt

Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact either Hazeem or Rickdawg, thanks and lets have a great season!

Super Marvel Madness 4: 2012 Edition (UMVC3 & SSF4:AE2012 Tourney )
Games-Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (360) & Super Street Fighter 4: AE Ver.2012 (360)
Date: Jan 28, 2012
Location-University of Advancing Technology (Room 206)
2625 West Baseline Road
Tempe, AZ 85283
Time-Casuals (1PM) Tourney (3 PM) BE ON TIME
Setups- 4 (360’s) 4 (Asus Monitiors)
(BYOC) Bring Your Own Stick or Pad
2/3 Games (W/L/G Finals 3/5 Games)
$5 Entry Fee (Pot Split 70/20/10)
Facebook Event Page-
AE2012- 3PM-5PM
Casuals 7PM-9PM


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new thread. Like the first post says, please pm me specific details if you want info on first posts.

also, im going to get an AZ SRK facebook page setup to help make things a little easier and have the usual tourney/gathering hosts admin it so they can announce all the stuff that way as well. just gotta give me some time to rest from evo to get everything going and database all the names

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So since I’m new to the scene, and it was brought up at the end of the last topic, where are Haz’s tourneys usually held?

Is the MS store event free?

Yeah it’s free. But they use Xbox 360 stuff which is no problem for those of you with ze Dual Mod

One of the stickies should be a current list of casuals like the one Tsumuji wrote.

Also, since Haz will be streaming games other than Marvel, I removed your Marvel portraits from the website. I doubt anyone will actually care, but figured I should get it out of the way. This will probably change in the future.

Check out facebook

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Wait theres a tournament on Friday right?