AZ Thread: Lots of events! Read 1st posts for upcoming AZ tourneys/events

Fuckin Arnul wrote this shit from my account cause he is here. Queer LMAO

sorry guys, cant make it out tonight =(

No sexy back on the stream tonight. No worries man just make sure to check out the stream and post it on ur pages with lots of friends please :smiley:

no problem sir

fuck team edward and team jacob… TEAM HAZ-MAT!!

STAY HYPE EVERYBODY THAT’S GOING TO HAZ TONIGHT. I’ll be watching the stream tonight:rock:. BTW Its Euphoria’s 1st Anniversary tomorrow (I can’t believe I made it this long):wow:. I’ll be posting the stream link on my pages (STAY HYPE).

(OH YEAH I GOT NEW SHIT COMING [Jun 19, 2011] Bloodline (MK9 & Tekken 6 Tourney) 6/19/11 (Peoria,AZ))

Well, coming from a community that wanted tournies for money, and somebody did something about it (haz’s tournies are pretty much free, with money going to haz and annie, which is awesome). soo you guys live far and cant make it, ok, i understand, but somebody has a tourney, in a part of town your already at, and you guys dont go? He said its cool to drink there, so you guys wanting to drink shouldnt have been a reason.

@scoots- come on man, lets be honest, remove yourself from that situation, and look at it and tell me that wasnt wrong, your a rational guy.

it’s cool, whatever. as always ill stick by my statement. I wasnt there, so it didnt involve me, just didnt seem right.

@armondo-everybody was some random guy at some point, including haz, look how great he turned out to be, dont use that as an excuse.

We were just doing Marvel casuals. It’s not like we purposely snubbed this tournament to be vindictive.

Plus, even if I knew about it I don’t think I would have even been up for a $5 tourney at the time and I’m pretty sure the people with me probably would say the same thing. There is a reason we all wanted to play casuals that night.

I had to leave a little early, but I just wanted to thank Haz for hosting such a great event. I look forward to attending it again!

32-man bracket

1 Dormando : $12.60
2 Mu-G : $3.60
3 Jeo : $1.80
4 Vitamin THC
5 Swift Thief
5 Re-T
7 Shazam!!!
7 Roy Mercer
9 A-Rodt
9 FreeceTyLe
9 scumbag
9 DreamVision
13 BA Zamora
13 Arnul
13 Alanso
13 Pi
17 Max
17 Charlie Goblyn,GIF89a � ��������̽�����ZYZRUR � !� � %2C X0�I%2B8�%3D� `(�� G*�%40| Jı�%26z�6�‰v�}z�b�u�V5%23o�L�Y-%}�l�����[�2��T��i7�Y���x�� %3B

Good Games last night everyone!!! alot of good even battles! Mu-G thats the third time now u took me out of tournaments!you and me are going to have to get together and have ourselves a little taalk! LMAO jk good shit last night man

Wanted to provide some feedback for the AZ-HP folks on the tournament yesterday at Comic-con. (TL/DR)

For reference - the tournament started roughly around 2PM. There were many entrants and two setups running. At first, the tournament seemed to move quite well, people were being called and the flow was nice. About an hour or so into it, someome made the decision to start Smash brothers registration at the same time. So now MvC3 comes to a complete standstill, two empty setups, no one being called. This goes on for an hour or so before people are called again for Smash and MvC3, causing complete confusion between both tournaments and creating a logjam at the front of the room.

Things begin to trickle along once more and slowly, you begin to hear more and more DQ’s. Practically half the people in tournament left because they didn’t have time or didn’t want to bother waiting. Mostly because my friend was in winners, we stuck around. People begin to get called up for their matches, one person shows, the other is gone or can’t be found. So we sat up front at the setups, waiting for ten minutes before going to sit back down.

This goes on for a while before again things hit an hour plus standstill. No names being called at all. I finally get called up again and my opponent no shows. At this point, inundated with work, the tournament staff asks ALL COD : Black Ops players to come to the front to let them know they’re present. So now you’ve got a tiny area, fifty plus people and one guy on a Marvel station with no opponent. I played training mode for about twenty minutes before telling the staff my opponent no showed and going back to sit down.

Around 7 (five hours into this tournament) things get moving again. Again, I’m waiting for an opponent who long since left and again staff becomes swamped with too many tournies. At this point I notice the guy on here who posts as FrankCastle come up to the front and ask his staff who are off to the side why they aren’t helping. Hilarity ensues as they fumble through excuses as to why they’re sitting there. In the end and at around 8:30 (six and a half hours into this tournament) my friend and I are put in losers and decide it’s not worth sticking around and leave. I can only assume the tourney ended around 9, putting it at seven hours total.

This was, without a doubt - the most poorly run tournament I’ve ever been to. My intention is not to make any of those guys feel bad but rather understand the viewpoint of an attendee. There was no consistency with DQ’s - some people got called once, some got called ten times for an hour and still weren’t DQ’d. The empty setups for almost half the time the tournament ran is inexcusable and poor management. I’m aware you have a lot going on but show some organization. If you know you’ve got two huge tournaments running, why call ALL the players for a third to the front?

This was my last AZHP event.

GG’S last night, It’s safe to say fuck you Corey AND you suck at all games AND Dan dumped you for Jacob AND It wont be very long before DEV drops you too so yea dude your gaming career is FUCKED!

P.S. No one likes you too

P.S.S. Or respects you as a human being!

P.S.S.S. Raff might be the only douche that likes you MAYBE!

Good games to everybody last night, shit was really fun.
Especially liked the 3v3 at the end… can’t wait to see the vids on those matches!

@cory: I was just trying to play nice and give an excuse. In reality I don’t care what anybody says, I do what I want with MY CAR, MY GAS, and MY TIME.
Me and my friends weren’t up for a 5 dollar tournament. Deal with it please.

lets stop bickering guys were grown assed men for christ sakes and with that said i took alot of thought all the way down to the conversation Arnul had with me on the way to the tournament… but first

@armando- Im coming for your head and imma make you shave when i win
@muji-Imma whoop yo incognegro chinese action star ass
@luey- Good games afterwards we gonna spar alot n your gonna shave your beard and hair when i beat you first to 50
@Arnul- you was duckin me this bracket ( i wanted to play you in the tournament bad) lol
@vitamin - yo bitch ass was duckin me in the tournament too
@scott- you marky mark ass nigga you better come next time, i had the perfect chance to spar friday but had to prioritize fam bam time… but next time
@dan- ya done son

ya’'ll get the point good games and lets try to space out the days for practice i mean there are 7 days a week and i know there is like one day a week to were you can stay up till at least 11 and im talkin about arnul and jake since the seems to be " the problem" or what ever 5 dolla tourneys is cool but not on friday obviously cause as haz stated people gotta stack proplery to make it to haz’z (gas,food,entry,donation ect) to try this

my five dollas (two cents)

Am gonna have to say one thing for this cause I don’t wanna see someone writing this here ever again. If anyone thinks that this money covers even quarter of how much money ME & ANNIE spend every Saturday “Eelectricity, Snacks, Drinks, ETC.” then they are delusional. Seriously I don’t put crap in my pocket unlike other people that is working SO HARD on having tournies and gatherings for them personal gain actually I don’t even think anyone else beside Me, Arnul & Armando from the people that HOST at them places gives a shit about the community here (We take time off our personal lifes, Family and go through the trouble of setting our places up and clean it to get messed up again) so we can help.

Am an active memeber in this community now and am so damn proud to say that specially when it’s almost a year for me since I joined it so what about those old timers that have been there for a while and just watching what’s going on from far instead of jumping on it. People can talk as much as they want but in the end what they do for the commniuty is what matters.

Am not mad or anything but some people thinks it’s so easy to do what am doing now and that hurts for real.

I totally agree that shit does not need to be brought up about Haz and Annie EVER! C’mon Corey your only allowed to have like 5 people at your house when you play and its in you garage lol! We dont have control over what the players prefer here but the fact is that people want to play where they are the most comfortable!

True that