AzN gIrL aVaTaR PiCk uP

Demon [just showing azn girls]



Well both dont want them… i guess they dont like azn girls…:stuck_out_tongue:

Girr… I hate you.

Thanks for the avatar though. =)

nice av’s man… baby vox is too good!! :smiley: :cool:

^ bi-polar…


dont worry i hate you too…

nice avs man

but hee jin is mine!!



sup man… anyways like i said… if you want a avatar you can ask me and ill make it… also if you want to provide the pics too…

also… Shinerik’s avatar is up for grabs if anyone want it…

Man you suck…

You didn’t let me pick you bastard! =(


sweet! ok can u make an av from this picture:

and can you use the same theme/style from the last avs u made? except make the bg color light light brown. and then for the text can u put my name on bottom right, then “NSJ” on top left. thanks a lot man!! hope i didnt ask for too much. no real rush, u can take your time.


Last and 1st Avatars own my face.
GJ Allen.

LMAO teh overlay then normal for 2 frames… what am I saying Josh you know what i mean right? My avatar is dope no shitty trendy outer glow crap just raw idea :slight_smile:

heh 'kids


fine then… you make something better…:stuck_out_tongue: … anyways Stan… do you want the last one then… since none of them wanted it for some odd reason… :frowning:

anyways gotcha Def1n1tely… oh wait… can you give me a pic of her with the blue hair bands on her in your avatar…:slight_smile: … i just think that pic is just too cute…

no no not entirley you just the other tag whore :stuck_out_tongue: Examples? lol Show Case your latest trend whores.

well lets see wut you can do… make me a avatar (sentinal)… and it better be good…:slight_smile:

Okay lol lets talk on aim since this is too slow … Four minutes slow. heh sentinel

yeah thought so…:stuck_out_tongue: … you cant do any avatar thats even better…

Hey Def1n1tely ummmm that pics seems weird to work with… maybe its cuz her head is tilting or something… always… if you want me to do another one then just ask…:slight_smile:

oh yeah… 1st post…

aw thats too bad then. i really liked that pic. ill let u know when i find another pic to use then.

heres the pic of her in blue, that u wanted. too cute!

ummm lol:lol: i said i didnt like it but… i still did it… its on the front page…

Well yeah


If ya dont like em’ guess you can send me another pic to work with… but how could you not like it…:stuck_out_tongue:

haha you’re wrong, I love the avatar man.

my bad I didnt know u posted it in the first page.

thanx yo!

=] =] =]